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Indoor Christmas Potted Trees and Topiaries

Indoor Christmas potted trees and topiaries are versatile holiday decorations that add a festive touch to various spots around the home. Learn more about them and how they complement your holiday home decorations below.

What Is a Potted Christmas Tree?

A potted Christmas tree is a smaller version of your usual holiday centerpiece, rooted in a decorative planter instead of a tree stand. Its diminutive size lets you spread Christmas cheer in even the smallest spaces. Some come pre-decorated and lit, while others allow you to decorate as you would a regular tree with your own choice of ornaments and trimmings.

What Is a Topiary Christmas Tree?

It resembles a potted Christmas tree, but an indoor Christmas topiary tree is often trimmed into an ornamental shape, giving it a manicured look. Balsam Hill’s artificial topiaries are made from realistic boxwood, cedar, and cypress.

Where Can I Display Potted Christmas Trees and Indoor Topiary Trees?

Their smaller size and stature allow you to infuse virtually any space with Christmas cheer. Here are some prime decorating spots.

  • Entryway Foyers and Staircase Landings – Add a small potted Christmas tree to greet guests and dress up tight or empty corners.
  • Living Rooms and Dens – If space limitations won’t allow for a full-size tree, a small potted tree on a console table still evokes the same festive feel.
  • Fireplace Mantels – Flank either side of the mantel surround or hearth with a grouping of topiaries or potted Christmas trees to elevate the cozy ambience.
  • Guest Bathrooms – Small potted arrangements on a shelf or in the corner offer an unexpected but delightful seasonal touch.
  • Hallways – Add visual interest and Christmas cheer to transitional spaces by placing festive potted trees or topiaries on console tables or empty corners.

Let these indoor potted Christmas trees and topiaries transform your home into a magical landscape full of Christmas cheer. Check out Balsam Hill’s selection on the site today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Artificial Potted Christmas Trees Be Used Outdoors?

It is best to use artificial foliage designed for outdoor use. Balsam Hill offers a selection of outdoor-safe potted Christmas trees and topiaries featuring UV-treated foliage meant to withstand exposure outside.

What’s the Best Way to Store an Artificial Potted Christmas Tree After the Holidays?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the proper disassembly and storage of your décor post-season. It is often advised to keep it covered and in a safe area away from dust and sunlight.

How Do I Fluff and Shape an Artificial Tree To Make It Look More Natural?

Gently fluff and spread out any branch tips that may have compressed due to storage. Step back and survey the tree, checking for any bare-looking spots, and shape the foliage in that area to make it look fuller.

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