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Pre Lit Color Changing Christmas Trees

Pre-lit Christmas trees with color-changing LED lights let you paint delightful holiday scenes. Select from Balsam Hill's color-changing Christmas trees and decorate with ease. Wow your family and friends as you celebrate the spirit of the season.

Should I Buy a Pre-Lit or Unlit Christmas Tree?

An unlit Christmas tree is a blank canvas brimming with possibility. Light it any way you prefer. Take note that the flexibility comes with a few decorating challenges. For instance, you need to figure out proper bulb count (or light density), wattage, and safe wiring.

Balsam Hill's pre-lit artificial Christmas trees do away with the guesswork. With ideal light counts, they make a stunning lit holiday centerpiece every time. There's also a variety of lighting effects to choose from. The professionally hand-strung lights add sparkle to the foliage and let your precious ornaments shine.

For even more convenience, a selection of Balsam Hill pre-lit trees also come with Easy Plug® technology. This feature incorporates all the wires within the tree's trunk for a seamless and clean look. All you need is one wall socket for a dazzling holiday centerpiece. Plug in your tree and let your family enjoy a festive display of lights.

What are the Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees?

There are many tree lighting options, from clear LEDs to color-changing tree lights. No matter your preference, there's a Balsam Hill pre-lit Christmas tree to suit your taste.

LED Color + Clear® Lights

Cast a warm and cozy glow over your holiday gathering. Switch from lights reminiscent of classic incandescent bulbs to jewel-like multicolored lights. Our energy-efficient LED Color + Clear® pre-lit trees feature up to 40% more lights. Marvel at the enchanting brightness without worrying about extra lighting costs. This pre-lit Christmas tree also comes with a remote control and dimmer switch.

Imagine the iconic upturned branches of our best-selling Vermont White Spruce. Now, envision it dressed up with the perfect number of multi-colored lights. Or, evoke a traditional Christmas feel with Balsam Hill's elegant Blue Spruce. Set it all aglow and embellish the color-changing light Christmas tree with heirloom ornaments.

Twinkly Light Show

Customize a Christmas light show for your family by using an app on your mobile device. Match the hues of your decorating theme or even your favorite Christmas tunes. This innovative pre-lit color-changing Christmas tree also features pre-set light colors and patterns.

A customer favorite, our Silverado Slim artificial tree comes outfitted with the Twinkly Light Show feature. Its sophisticated silhouette turns playful and festive once the lights come on.

Fiber Optic

Spread holiday cheer with our color-changing fiber optic Christmas tree. Premium LED fiber optic lights are built right into the tree's realistic foliage. The captivating lights can be customized through our Christmas Control technology. Choose from 23 different light show effects at the touch of a button.

Our Broadway Fiber Optics artificial tree is a popular choice. With its slim profile, this color-changing fiber optic tree cuts quite the festive figure even in smaller spaces.

A color-changing LED Christmas tree makes a wonderful centerpiece for your holiday festivities. Visit Christmas and Home Decorating Themes for inspiration on pre-lit tree decor. Read about The Balsam Hill Difference and see what sets our artificial trees apart from the rest.