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Easy Plug® Christmas Trees

Balsam Hill’s wide variety of Easy Plug® pre-lit Christmas trees helps you set up a holiday centerpiece with minimal effort. From the warm, candle-like glow of clear LEDs to innovative light shows, our Easy Plug, quick set Christmas trees will set your celebrations aglow with ease.

What is an Easy Plug Christmas Tree?

An Easy Plug Christmas tree is an exclusive Balsam Hill product which features pre-made light connections within the tree trunk. Our patented Easy Plug technology makes lighting your tree as simple as plugging it into the wall socket. The same lighting technology is found in all our innovative pre-lit Flip Trees® and Pre-Fluffed® artificial Christmas trees.

What are the Benefits of Easy Plug Artificial Christmas Trees?

  • Quick set artificial Christmas trees – Quick and easy assembly means you no longer have to manually string up your tree with lights or even connect light strings. This way, you can spend more time enjoying and celebrating the holidays.
  • Professionally hand-strung – All of the lights on our Easy Plug® pre-lit Christmas trees are strung by hand to ensure optimal coverage and minimize the appearance of wires.
  • Optimized bulb hue – Unlike the cold, harsh blue tones of regular LED bulbs, our Easy Plug artificial trees with Candlelight® LEDs cast a warm, candle-like glow.
  • VersatileLED Color + Clear® Easy Plug trees allow you to switch between all clear, all color, or both using a remote control. Meanwhile, our Twinkly® Easy Plug trees allow you to create animated light shows or choose from pre-programmed selections using a mobile app.

How Do You Choose the Lights on Your Easy Plug Tree?

Easy Plug Christmas trees are available in a variety of light types. Choose energy-efficient LED Clear lights if you like the warm, candle-like glow of traditional Christmas lights. Go for jewel-toned LED Multicolored lights if you prefer a more festive look. You can also enjoy one or both options with our exclusive LED Color + Clear trees. With the use of a remote control, you can choose clear, color, or have both light up at the same time. These trees have 40% more LED lights, making your Christmas tree shine even brighter.

Balsam Hill also offers Fairy Lights and Micro-LED lights. These feature tiny LED bulbs and a Light Show option that lets you customize and animate your tree lights with the touch of a button.

How Do You Set Up a Pre-Lit, Easy Plug Christmas Tree?

Unlike traditional pre-lit trees where you have to manually connect the light strings from end-to-end outside the tree, our Easy Plug Christmas trees feature light connections inside the trunk. All you have to do is find the cord located at the bottom of the tree, plug it in, and stack the remaining sections until everything is in place. Now, all you have to do is to shape the tree and decorate.

Make holiday decorating a breeze with Balsam Hill’s easy to put up Christmas trees enhanced with Easy Plug technology. Browse our collection of easy setup artificial Christmas trees today.

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