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Pumpkin Décor

Transform your home into a cozy, inviting space with Balsam Hill’s pumpkin decorations. These nature-inspired pieces will add a pop of color to every corner of your home and infuse it with the charm of a bountiful harvest. Made with high-quality materials, these accents will last you throughout the season and can double as stunning Halloween and Thanksgiving décor.

How Do You Decorate a House With a Pumpkin?

Bring warmth to every corner of your home with these pumpkin decorating ideas.

Candle Holders

Place flameless votive candles inside small pumpkin décor. Its shape provides ample support to keep it in place, while its vibrant color adds warmth to your space.

Outdoor Pumpkin Décor as Door Accents

Stack pumpkin lanterns on your porch, patio, or foyer to mimic a pumpkin patch. Another idea is to hang a pumpkin wreath on your front door to warmly welcome guests.

Pumpkin Flower Vase

Use gourds to hold your favorite pot fillers. Choose pieces that complement the hues of your autumn blooms to tie up the look. Display them on your coffee table vignette, consoles, cupboards, and side tables.

Pumpkin Centerpieces

Place miniature gourds inside a clear bowl or basket filled with other harvest items like apples, persimmons, and cinnamon. An alternative is to use pre-lit pumpkins and fall garlands to create a romantic ambience.

Decorations on Stairs

Group fall pumpkin décor on the side of the steps to lead people’s eyes up or down the staircase. You can also showcase them in prominent spots like hallways, pathways, and entryways.

What Are Pumpkin Carving Ideas?

Below are some ideas for carving Halloween pumpkin decorations.

  • Golden goblins – Elevate the look of your Jack-o’-lantern by incorporating gold specks. Dab the surface with lamé paper, then place an LED candle inside to create a shimmery and spooky effect.
  • Stenciled images – Carve silhouettes that cast artistic shadows upon your home. A witch with a broom and cat, a haunted house, a creepy forest, or your favorite Halloween characters can make a spine-chilling scene.
  • Family of pumpkins – Enchant trick-or-treaters with lovely pumpkin carvings of your family. This unexpected twist on an essential Halloween décor brings a sense of warmth to guests.
  • Pumpkin projectors – Carve a spooky design on one side and etch a fun Halloween greeting on the other. When lit, the cut side facing a wall will cast a spooky caricature, while the other will read ‘Happy Halloween.’ This adds visual interest and dimension to your decorations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Do Artificial Pumpkin Decorations Last?

Unlike real pumpkins, artificial pumpkins can last for years. With proper care and storage, they can be reused for multiple seasons.

Are Artificial Pumpkins Safe To Light Up?

We recommend using LED tea lights instead of real candles, as artificial pumpkins aren’t heat resistant and can melt or catch fire.

How Do I Store Artificial Pumpkins When Not in Use?

Store them in a cool, dry place, preferably in a box or bag, to protect them from dust. If they’re pre-decorated, make sure they’re packed in a way that won’t damage the accents.

Infuse your home with the rustic charm of pumpkin decorations. Request a catalog for more decorating inspiration on using artificial gourds as fall décor.

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