Pre-lit Christmas Trees

Professionally strung by hand to keep wires out of sight, each of our pre-lit incandescent and LED Christmas trees comes with UL® approved, premium, commercial grade lights.

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  • Under 6 ft (33)
  • 6 - 6½ ft. (98)
  • 7 - 7½ ft. (113)
  • 8 - 9 ft. (127)
  • 10 - 14 ft. (76)
  • 15 ft. + (26)
  • Most Realistic (385)
    Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
  • Realistic (50)
    Realistic trees using a mixture of True Needle™ foliage & classic PVC needles
  • Traditional (38)
    Very affordable trees reflecting Balsam Hill quality made from classic PVC needles
Light Type
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  • Candlelight™ Clear LED (191)
    The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
  • Clear (25)
  • Multicolor LED (16)
  • Color + Clear™ LED (169)
    Switch from clear LEDs to multicolored LEDs to both.
  • Fairy Lights & Micro LEDs (40)
    Itty-bitty lights that dazzle and delight.
  • Light Show (32)
Easy Setup
  • Flip Trees™ (74)
    Stored upside-down on built-in rolling stand and flips into display
    position in seconds for unmatched ease of setup.
  • Pre-Fluffed™ (47)
    Light connections are made inside the trunk, and memory wire branches reduce the need for manual shaping.
  • Easy Plug™ (419)
    Light connections are made inside the trunk, so you just plug the tree into the wall.
Tree Shape
  • Full Trees (276)
  • Slim Trees (195)
  • Flatback Trees (2)
Decoration Options
  • Undecorated (473)
    Simple charm of evergreen foliage, versatile for any decorating style
  • under $300 (5)
  • $300 - $399 (13)
  • $400 - $499 (17)
  • $500 - $599 (25)
  • $600 - $800 (81)
  • over $800 (332)
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Set your holidays aglow with a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Balsam Hill offers exceptionally lifelike Christmas trees with a variety of lighting options. Complement any decorating theme and add brilliance to your spaces. Learn more about pre lit Christmas trees and find answers to the most common questions below.

What does “pre lit Christmas tree” mean?

A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree completes any holiday display. However, it can be tedious to manually string hundreds of lights, especially for a tall holiday centerpiece with a full profile. This tree type makes decorating easier, as it comes with pre-strung lights, giving you more time to arrange the ornaments.

Innovations like our exclusive Easy Plug® technology let you enjoy easier setup. This feature lets you stack the tree sections and connect a single plug to a wall socket to power the lights. It’s also used in the pre-lit versions of our patented Flip Trees® for quicker tree assembly.

How many lights should an artificial Christmas tree have?

Experts suggest stringing 100 to 150 lights for every foot of a Christmas tree. That means a 7-ft. pre-lit Christmas tree looks best with 700 to 1,050 bulbs. Meanwhile, a 9-ft. pre-lit Christmas tree should have around 900 to 1,350. Of course, this depends on the look you want to achieve. Refer to our Christmas Tree Lights Guide for the recommended light count based on tree height and desired coverage.

As you shop on our website, look for the “VIEW LIGHT COUNTS, BRANCH TIP COUNTS & WEIGHTS” section for more details on each product. If you’re eyeing a brighter display, select from our collection of festive Christmas tree lights. Alternatively, find lighted ornaments and tree toppers to finish off your dazzling holiday centerpiece.

What is the best pre-lit artificial Christmas tree for you?

Let your holiday display shine with lit artificial Christmas trees that suit your decorating style. Find the lighting option that will complement your holiday celebrations. Keep it simple and classic with the timeless look of traditional incandescent lights. For a more cheerful display, use energy-efficient LED, Micro LED, or UltraBright Micro LED Lights. Or create an enchanting sight with the tiny bulbs and near-invisible wires of LED Fairy Lights.

Choose between the classic glow of clear lights or the jolly look of multicolor bulbs. Can’t quite decide between clear and multicolor lights? Consider our LED COLOR+CLEAR™ technology. It allows you to switch from clear to multicolor to both with just the touch of a button. This pre-lit LED Christmas tree also gives you 30% more lights for extra brightness.

Light up your holidays just the way you want it. Select a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree that lets you control the speed, brightness, and color of each light bulb. Explore our Fiber Optic Christmas tree selections that features pre-set light shows. Delight your guests by cycling through all the light modes in one go. Another option to consider is a Twinkly LED-lit Christmas tree. It allows you customize the lights from your mobile device. Express your creativity and surprise loved ones with a stunning light exhibition this season.

Create holiday magic with breathtaking light displays. Shop our extensive collection of the best pre lit Christmas trees and other holiday decor at Balsam Hill today.