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Christmas Ornament Sets: Glass, Colors, Metal, and More

Turn your dream holiday display into reality with Balsam Hill®'s handpicked Christmas ornament sets. Embellish your artificial tree with festive tree decorations made from glass, metal, and more. Let these elegant Christmas ornament sets inspire your decorating theme this season.

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ornament Sets?

After finding your perfect tree, the next step in elevating your holiday experience at home is to decide on a theme. Are you going for a rustic and traditional look? Look for Christmas tree ornament sets that effortlessly blend neutrals with shades of red, green, and gold. Decorating a tree with frosted foliage? Complete your winter wonderland theme with glass Christmas tree ornaments and metallic accents.

Make sure to consider your display area, aside from the decorating theme. For instance, if you're short on space, we recommend starting with Christmas trees under 6 feet and mini ornament sets. Read more about what to consider with our Ultimate Guide to Christmas Tree Decorations.

What Should You Consider When Buying Christmas Tree Decoration Sets?

  • Christmas Tree Size

    Find the ideal ratio between the number of ornaments and the size of your Christmas tree. That's the key to having a polished holiday display. Aside from the number of ornaments used, make sure that your ornaments' sizes are proportional to the size of your tree. For more details, use our Christmas Tree Decorations Calculator.

  • Christmas Tree Shape

    When shopping for beautiful Christmas ornaments, keep the shape of your tree in mind. Full trees have a wide silhouette. The lush foliage and sturdy branches can support several ornaments of different sizes. Meanwhile, sparse trees leave room for bigger ornaments in between branches. For slim trees, we recommend a lighter coverage to avoid weighing them down.

  • Versatility

    Ornaments for Christmas trees can be used more than once even if you choose different holiday themes every year. Combine various decorations or add new accents to give your display a refreshed look season after season. Many artificial Christmas tree decorations can also be repurposed. Place them in a bowl to make a festive centerpiece or shelf decor. Use them with wreaths and garlands, too.

How Do You Store Christmas Tree Ornaments?

When putting away tree décor for safekeeping, carefully place them in Balsam Hill's storage boxes with compartments. These are designed to keep them in good condition until the next season. Make sure to place those boxes in a clean, dry storage area to protect them from the elements.

What Materials Are Used to Create Ornaments?

Some of the popular materials for high-quality Christmas tree decorations are glass, metal, wood, and more. Read on to learn how to properly choose which type of ornament is perfect for you.

  • Glass

    The most common and versatile out of all materials, glass Christmas ornaments come in different shapes like balls and icicles. They also add a subtle shimmer to your tree when they catch the light.

  • Metal

    Contemporary designs use metal and iron. They are malleable and easily manipulated into any shape you want. Some examples are snowflakes, deer antlers, and family crests. They weigh lighter than the others, making them perfect for sparse or slim trees.

  • Capiz

    Capiz shell ornaments add nature-inspired elegance to your tree décor. They are often opaque which brings a beautiful pearlescent glow to your tree. Angel, star, and snowflake are just some of the common shapes they come in.

  • Wood

    Christmas ornaments made from wood are perfect for rustic themes. They bring a charming countryside look to any type of Christmas tree. Most DIY ornaments also use wood as the base material since it is widely accessible and can be easily hand painted.

  • Fabric

    Another take on rustic ornaments, Christmas décor made with fabric often features miniature Christmas stockings, reindeers, and ice skates. Use these to add a cozy touch to your cabin or woodland-inspired theme.

Where Can I Buy Good Christmas Ornaments?

Balsam Hill offers premium-quality Christmas tree ornament collections curated by experts. Finish your picture-perfect holiday display with our tree toppers, skirts or collars, and other trim. Discover which of our tree decorations best complement your Balsam Hill Christmas tree here. Get a preview of our entire collection before making a purchase, request a catalog now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the history of Christmas ornaments?

The first glass ornaments were made in Germany in the 18th century. They became a commercial success in Europe and were eventually brought over to the United States.

What are the benefits of buying a Christmas ornament set from Balsam Hill?

Balsam Hill offers a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect ornament set that suits your style. Plus, our sets are easy to set up and store.

How do I know which Christmas ornament set is right for me?

Here are some things to consider when choosing Christmas ornaments: Decorating theme, color, material, size, and quantity.