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    An artificial Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday celebrations each year. Preserve its beauty and quality with Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas tree storage bags, professionally designed with quality and convenience in mind. 

    Why Invest in Christmas Tree Storage? 

    Once it’s time to pack up your artificial Christmas tree, you might think that keeping it in its original cardboard packaging is good enough. However, cardboard boxes tend to deteriorate over time and may not provide the protection your tree needs during storage. Cardboards are also prone to retaining moisture and mold growth, which could cause irreversible damage to your tree.  

    In many cases, a manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover artificial Christmas trees that have been damaged due to improper storage. That’s why it’s important to invest in high-quality storage solutions. Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree storage bags are designed with sturdy and durable features to protect your tree from dust, dirt, mites, and pests, while maintaining its shape and beauty.  

    Before You Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree Storage 

    Not all Christmas tree storage bags are created equal. Great storage will keep your tree in excellent shape and make decorating easy every season. Here are the important things to consider so you can find the best storage bag for your Christmas tree. 

    • Size – Tree storage bags come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of tree heights and profiles. Some Christmas tree bags will fit the regular, full-shaped trees, while others are designed to fit narrow and slim treesFind out the dimensions of your tree before purchasing a tree storage bag to make sure that it fits wellIf in doubt, go for the bigger size to make sure your tree won’t be squeezed in too tightly. 
    • Material – Christmas tree bags are crafted from varied materials such as plastic, canvas, PVC, or polyester fabric. While those made of plastic are the more economical option, they don’t provide the strength and durability of polyester fabric. Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree storage bags are crafted with 600D polyester fabricwith layers of padding and durable stitching to make sure your trees are protected during the off-season.  
    • Ease of Use – Balsam Hill Christmas tree bags offer generous space to store your tree and are designed with convenience in mind. Our Christmas tree storage bags simplify the storage process from disassembling your tree, to packing it up, and transporting it to your storage area. 

    Best Christmas Tree Storage Tips 

    • Get your supplies ready for packing up. This includes your artificial Christmas tree storage bag, lightweight gloves to protect your hands while handling the tree, and strong string or elastic cords to secure tree sections as needed while packing. 
    • Disassemble your tree following the manufacturer’s instructions. Compress each section gently and secure with a ribbon or cord before placing them inside the bags. 
    • To save time and effort, choose a collapsible, roll-up Christmas tree storage bag that will keep your tree upright. This requires no dismantling and will make it easy for you to assemble your tree for the next season. 
    • Keep your Christmas tree storage bag in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the tree from getting molds and odor while in storage. 

    Safeguard your artificial Christmas tree from dirt and damage while retaining its shape and beauty for years to come. Choose Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree storage bags to make packing up and setting up your holiday centerpiece a breeze. 

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