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Balsam Hill Coupons and Promo Codes

Apply these savings to already discounted prices on any highly realistic artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and home décor.

$15 off orders of $350 or more

Enter code BALSAMHILL15 at checkout

$20 off orders of $500 or more

Enter code BALSAMHILL20 at checkout

$25 off orders of $600 or more

Enter code BALSAM25OFF at checkout

$30 off orders of $730 or more

Enter code BALSAMHILL30 at checkout

$40 off orders of $1100 or more

Enter code BALSAMHILL40 at checkout

$50 off orders of $1500 or more

Enter code 50BALSAMHILL at checkout

$90 off orders of $2100 or more

Enter code BALSAMHILL90 at checkout

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To use an official Balsam Hill coupon code, after adding items to your cart, click the shopping cart link at the top of this site to view your cart. You will see a clickable area labeled "Enter Coupon Code" beneath your product subtotal. Please note, only one coupon code may be used per order. If you would like to place an order using a coupon and also have a branch sample credit, please contact Customer Service for assistance. Coupons cannot be applied to past orders or Extended warranty products.

Have a Balsam Hill coupon or looking for one? Keep reading to learn about where and when you can find them, including how to use your Balsam Hill promo code.

Where Can I Find Balsam Hill Coupons?

Aside from the coupons page on our website, we periodically offer an exclusive Christmas tree promo code when you sign up for our mailing list, join promotional events on our official social media pages, or check our various special sale events that happen throughout the year. We also include a Balsam Hill discount coupon when you buy our Branch Sample Kit that you can use toward your first Christmas tree purchase.

When Does Balsam Hill Have Sales?

We have year-round sales where you can find a Balsam Hill discount code that you can use to enjoy great deals on artificial Christmas trees, greenery, and holiday decorations. Below are some of our most-anticipated sale events:

  • Christmas All July – Take advantage of our sale and use a Christmas tree coupon to shop for your Christmas decorating essentials way ahead of the season. Our Christmas All July Sale is a great time to purchase a tree since inventory stocks are still high at this time of year.
  • Black Friday – Black Friday is considered the busiest shopping day of the year as it kicks off the Christmas season and many retailers offer a Christmas tree store coupon during this time. It’s also one of our biggest sale events, so we recommend buying your holiday decorations at our online sale to take advantage of amazing discounts.
  • Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday is an extension of Black Friday and is widely considered to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. If you missed our Black Friday Sale, you could still get trees and décor during our Cyber Monday Sale. You might even find a twinkling tree coupon code for that Twinkly® tree you’ve always wanted.
  • After Christmas Clearance Sale – We offer a Christmas tree discount on discontinued artificial Christmas trees, ornament sets, wreaths and garlands, and other holiday décor during our After Christmas Clearance Sale. Take note, however, that Christmas trees on clearance are covered by our 60-Day Clearance Limited Warranty, so make sure to check your item upon receipt. Visit our warranty page to learn more.

We also have sales for special occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day, Labor Day, and many more.

How Do I Use a Balsam Hill Coupon Code?

After adding the items to your cart, click the shopping cart link at the top right side of the website page to view or review your cart. Under the product sub-total, you will see a clickable area that says “Enter Coupon Code” where you can enter your Balsam Hill Christmas trees coupon. Please keep in mind that you can only use one coupon code per order. If you would like to place an order using a coupon and your branch sample kit credit at the same time, you can contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

Browse our website to see our full collection of items on sale, including artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands, and holiday décor. You can also find seasonal décor on sale, like spring and summer greenery as well as fall and harvest decorations.

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