Once the season is over, it’s time to put away your Christmas tree and trimmings for another year. Storing decorations can be tricky, but the right materials and a little planning can turn it into a quick, trouble-free task. In this comprehensive guide, we share expert Christmas storage tips for your tree, ornaments, and other holiday décor.

How to Store Artificial Christmas Trees

When it comes to CHRISTMAS TREE STORAGE, it’s best to use durable storage bags to preserve the beauty of your tree. Balsam Hill trees come with standard Christmas tree bags made of rip-stop nylon with reinforced handles for easy handling. We also offer ROLLING TREE STORAGE BAGS so you can transport your tree from one place to another without heavy lifting.

How To Take Down And Store A Traditional Pre-Lit Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

There are two types of traditional pre-lit Christmas trees. We design our EASY PLUG® Christmas trees with pre-made light connections inside the trunk. Meanwhile, a classic pre-lit, non-Easy Plug tree has light strings that require manual connection. Here are the steps to follow:

Woman wearing brown boots stepping on foot pedal of artificial Christmas tree

Step 1|Unplug Lights

For non-Easy Plug trees, detach the light connections between the sections. If your tree is not pre-lit, remove the lights and store them separately.

Woman wearing black cotton gloves compressing branches of artificial Christmas tree

Step 2|Compress Branches

Use both hands to gently compress foliage on each branch before detaching each section.

Woman detaching sections of artificial Christmas tree

Step 3|Detach Sections

Take each section apart from the tree.

Woman compressing branches of detached section of artificial Christmas tree

Step 4|Flip Sections

Flip each section over and gently compress the branches. Set each section aside.

Woman removing eye bolt from stand of artificial Christmas tree

Step 5|Remove Eyebolt

Loosen the bolt in the stand and pull the bottom tree section out. Place the bolt and stand inside their own storage bag.

Woman covering the pole connection of an artificial Christmas tree with plastic cap

Step 6|Cover Connectors

Cover the bottom of each tree section with the attached cap.

Woman tying a red ribbon around section of artificial Christmas tree

Step 7|Tie Ribbon

Tie a ribbon or cord around the tree sections to secure the branches.

Woman storing section of artificial Christmas tree in storage bag

Step 8|Store Sections

Position the sections in the bag(s) as if they were a pair of shoes in a box, with the pole in the center. For larger trees, place the odd-numbered sections in one bag and the even-numbered in the other.

Woman zipping up artificial Christmas tree storage bag

Step 9|Zip Up Bag

Seal the bag properly and store.

How To Take Down And Store A Balsam Hill Flip Tree®

Balsam Hill FLIP TREES feature innovative technology that simplifies the setup and storage process. It has a built-in rolling stand that lets you take it in and out of storage easily. Pack up and store your Flip Tree with these steps:

Close up of woman’s hand pressing down on the wheels of a Flip Tree to lock the brakes

Step 1|Lock Brakes

Press or step down on the wheels to lock the brakes.

Woman unplugging artificial Christmas tree lights from wall socket

Step 2|Unplug Tree

Unplug the tree from the power source or wall outlet.

Woman detaching the top section of an artificial Christmas tree

Step 3|Take Treetop

Detach the top section of the tree.

Woman compressing branches of detached section of artificial Christmas tree

Step 4|Compress Foliage

Turn over the top section and gently compress the branches.

Woman storing treetop section of Flip Tree in storage bag

Step 5|Store Treetop

Place the top section in its own storage bag.

Woman spreading branches of Flip Tree

Step 6|Spread Branches

Spread apart the branches in the bottom section to make way for the Flip Tree track.

Woman wearing brown boots stepping down on foot pedal of Flip Tree.

Step 7|Press Foot Pedal

Press or step down on the foot pedal while pulling the center pole towards you.

Woman in living room about to flip the bottom section of Flip Tree

Step 8|Flip Bottom Section

Flip the bottom tree section over into storage position.

One hand gathering together light cord of Flip Tree

Step 9|Secure Light Cord

Gather the light cord and secure it with a twist tie or rubber band. Place the cord within the tree.

One hand gathering together light cord of Flip Tree

Step 10|Enclose Bottom Half

Enclose the bottom half of the tree in its storage bag.

One hand gathering together light cord of Flip Tree

Step 11|Pull Up Collar

Place the elastic collar around the top of the tree.

One hand gathering together light cord of Flip Tree

Step 12|Tuck Branches

Tuck the branches in the bag and secure it with the Velcro closure.

One hand gathering together light cord of Flip Tree

Step 13|Buckle Straps

Buckle and tighten all the straps to keep the tree compact and ready to store.

One hand gathering together light cord of Flip Tree

Step 14|Store Accessories

Store small items like gloves, extra bulbs, and remote controls in the small bag and attach it to the main one.

One hand gathering together light cord of Flip Tree

Step 15|Roll Into Storage

Unlock the wheels and roll your tree into storage, together with the other bag containing its upper section.

Christmas Tree Storage Tips

  • Consider moving the storage bag and tree sections to your final storage location before packing them to minimize heavy lifting.
  • Returning your tree to its original cardboard box may seem like a good idea, however, these boxes are bound to deteriorate over time. The material is also prone to damage from dust, mites, pests, and other elements. Without proper safekeeping, a carboard Christmas tree storage box is likely to grow mold and cause irreversible damage to your tree.
  • Gently compress each tree section so that it will fit more easily into your storage container. We also recommend tying each section with a ribbon or cord to secure the branches.
  • Store your tree in a cool, dry location to prevent it from acquiring a musty odor while in storage. As a precautionary measure, store the tree with a container of baking soda or unused coffee grounds. If you’re storing it in the shed or garage, pick a spot away from sunlight or heat sources and make sure it’s secured against potential pest infestation.

How to Store Christmas Decorations

The best way to store Christmas decorations is to use dedicated containers that help maintain the condition of your holiday décor. A well-organized collection also eliminates the need to buy new items every year and makes it easy to find the right accents when it’s time to decorate again. See our storage tips below.

How To Store Christmas Ornaments

Pre-lit Christmas tree next to a red ornament storage chest in the living room


Step 1 | Prepare Your Storage Containers

Gather the original packaging of your ornaments if they’re designed for reuse. Also consider CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT STORAGE BAGS that are designed to hold and protect baubles. We offer rolling ornament chests that can keep up to 120 pieces.

As an alternative, use clear plastic containers that let you see the ornaments without having to open the lid. This will reduce time spent looking for Christmas decorations when the next holiday season rolls around.

Step 2 | Remove the Ornaments

Place towels around the base of your Christmas tree to catch any fragile ornaments that might fall while you’re taking down decorations. Start removing ornaments from the bottom of the tree and work your way up. Reaching for the topmost ornaments first may cause you to accidentally dislodge those in the lower sections.

Step 3 | Organize Your Ornaments

Sort your CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS according to your preferred system. Storing by style, size, or color helps make it much easier to decorate based on a specific look. Label the containers and list the contents of each box for faster retrieval. For containers without individual compartments, purchase or create your own cardboard dividers.

Insider’s Tip

If storing Christmas ornaments in a garage with a lot of natural light, choose opaque bins and attach detailed labels to the exterior. Clear storage bins allow light to penetrate inside, which can cause the vibrant colors of your ornaments to fade.

How to Store Ribbons and Garlands

Artificial Christmas tree decorated with gold ornaments, garlands, and ribbons


Step 1 | Remove the Strands

Once you’ve taken down all your ornaments, unwrap GARLANDS and RIBBONS from the tree and carefully straighten them out.

Step 2 | Store the Strands Individually

Wrap each strand around a piece of rigid cardboard to prevent tangling. Then, place the individually wrapped strings inside a durable Ziploc or plastic bag to protect them from getting scratched. Avoid storing multiple garlands in a single container as this could cause tangles and damage.

How to Store Other Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations with irregular shapes, such as TREE TOPPERS and PICKS, may require separate containers if they don’t fit standard ornament storage boxes. Bring out their original packaging or secure them in individual containers. If you don’t have time to wrap each item individually, line the bottom of your box with shredded paper. Place the items inside and add more shredded paper to keep the pieces from moving around.

Use bubble wrap or plastic foam to protect snow globes and other fragile accents. Store fabric decorations like STOCKINGS and TREE SKIRTS in vacuum-sealed plastic bags to keep them safe from insects, dust, and dirt.

How to Store Wreaths, Garlands, and Other Greenery

Lasting beauty is one of the many benefits of ARTIFICIAL GREENERY. Through proper care and storage, you can keep your artificial wreaths, garlands, and other foliage items in great shape season after season. Follow the steps below

Step 1 | Clean Your Greenery

Remove dust and dirt build-up from the branch tips using a feather duster or a hair dryer set on low. With a microfiber cloth, gently wipe the larger decorations such as leaves and ornaments.

Step 2 | Remove Other Decorations

Pull out any ornaments, picks, and ribbons that are not attached to the greenery. Store these accents together with your Christmas tree decorations.

Step 3 | Compress the Foliage

Flatten the tips of your faux greenery to better fit your storage bags. Simply press the foliage in the direction it’s pointing to.

Step 4 | Pack Away Your Greenery

Store your Christmas wreaths and garlands in their original boxes or invest in storage bags that are specially designed to protect your greenery. Balsam Hill’s WREATH & GARLAND ROLLING STORAGE CHEST provides enough space to hold multiple wreaths and garlands in an optimal position that preserves their form and beauty. It also features versatile containers for ornaments and other Christmas decorations.

How to Store Christmas Lights

Avoid damaged bulbs and tangled wires with proper CHRISTMAS LIGHTS storage. Neatly wrapped light strings will save you time and effort spent detangling and unwinding. Our LIGHT STRINGS STORAGE BOX is designed to hold six spools while keeping your Christmas lights protected in storage.

You can also try these easy do-it-yourself options:

Plastic Bags

Wrap a light strand around your forearm to form a loose circle. To do this, hold one end of the strand, guide it down around your elbow, and bring it back up to your hand. Secure the resulting bundle with twist ties, then store each bundle in its own plastic zipper bag. Label the bag according to the color or type of light strand. Finally, place all the bags in a durable plastic bin.

Tension Rod

Wind a light strand around your hand and transfer it onto a tension rod. Fit the rods lengthwise in a plastic storage bin along with other lighting accessories, such as extension cords, foot pedal switches, and remote controls.

Cardboard Sheet

Cut small slits at both ends of a cardboard sheet and wrap individual light strands around the sheet. Use the slits to secure the plugs on either end of the strand. Label each sheet, then stack them in a plastic storage bin.

Wire Spool

Wind separate light strands around individual wire spools, and label them accordingly. Avoid winding multiple strands in a single spool, as light strings tend to get buried under other strands and could make unspooling a challenge.

Insider’s Tip

Reuse coffee cans to store light strings. Wash and dry the can, cut a slit in the plastic lid for the plug, and wrap the strand around the outside of the can. Use the inside as storage for extra bulbs or extension cords.

How To Store Christmas Decorations in the Garage

Woman storing Christmas decorations in garage


Storing Christmas decorations in the garage eliminates the need to lug bulky boxes filled with delicate ornaments up and down stairs, as is often the case with attics or basements. As garages are often dark and cool, they also provide optimal conditions for storing decorations that should not be exposed to sunlight or heat.

Artificial Christmas trees properly disassembled and packed, ornaments and other small pieces secured against breakage, large outdoor or lawn holiday décor, and Christmas lights can all be safely stacked on sturdy garage shelves.

However, there are certain items that should not be stored in the garage. These include:

  • Décor with perishable or edible components (like gingerbread houses), as they can attract pests or rodents

  • Fragile or antique pieces

  • Wax candles that may melt or deform in storage

Move on to the next section for ideas where these items can be safely moved and stored until next season.

More Tips For Storing Christmas Decorations

Red Balsam Hill storage bags for ornaments and artificial trees in living room

Common Storage Spots

After your Christmas decorations are all packed up, it’s time to decide where to place them. If your garage is unavailable, consider other dry and safe spots that are easily accessible but kept away from small children or pets. Here are some common storage locations to get you started:

  • Storage room
  • Attic
  • Garage
  • Large cupboards
  • Closets (especially in guest bedrooms)
  • Cabinets and linen closets
  • Empty shelves

If you’re running low on space, try converting empty corners into makeshift storage areas. For example, the space underneath your staircase can house stacks of containers. Turn any unused corner into a hidden storage spot by adding dividers or folding screens.

Safety Tips

  1. Keep christmas decorations away from direct sunlight

    Direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to heat can damage your decorations. Excessive moisture may also ruin holiday items, so keep them away from extreme changes in humidity and temperature. Use desiccants to help keep your containers dry.

  2. Protect your décor against pests

    Make sure your containers are sealed tight to prevent pests from chewing on the wires and destroying fragile ornaments.

  3. Stack boxes correctly

    When stacking boxes, make sure that they can withstand heavy weight and the occasional bump. Place the heavier boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. Take extra care when storing boxes in the garage. Test the weight of boxes before removing from higher shelves or garage racks. Special care should be taken when storing Christmas decoration boxes high in the garage as well.

We hope this guide gave you useful tips on how to store and organize your holiday decorations. Browse more Christmas storage solutions by clicking on the link below.



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