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    Christmas Tree Skirts, Collars and Stands

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    Create a perfect backdrop for gift-giving traditions with an elegant Balsam Hill Christmas tree skirt, Christmas tree collar, or Christmas tree stand. Let these popular decorations add flair and polish to your holiday centerpiece.

    Cover the base of your lifelike Balsam Hill Christmas tree with a beautifully crafted decorative Christmas tree collar, tree skirt, or tree stand. Browse our collection to choose a piece that best suits your holiday theme and style.

    Christmas Tree Stands

    Artificial Christmas tree stands date back to the 1800s when it was designed to support freshly cut trees. Today, tree stands are also used as a base for artificial Christmas trees and come in a variety of innovative designs.

    Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas tree stands serve as a decorative foundation to securely hold your tree upright. Make holiday set up easier with Balsam Hill’s rolling Christmas tree stand. This stand features lockable wheels so you can move your Christmas tree around with ease.

    Christmas Tree Skirts

    It’s believed that the use of artificial Christmas tree skirts originated in Germany where the tradition of Christmas tree decorating is known to have started. During those days, real Christmas trees were decorated with actual lit candles. A mat was placed underneath the tree to catch candle wax drippings and fallen tree needles. These mats, made of simple and plain materials, were more utilitarian than decorative.

    In the late 1800s when Christmas tree stands became popular, the mats evolved into a piece of décor to cover unsightly stands. Today, a tree skirt is used to create a charming display of presents underneath the Christmas tree.

    Balsam Hill offers a wide assortment of Christmas tree skirts crafted with quality materials and impeccable attention to detail. Our tree skirts come in a variety of colors and designs to suit many decorating themes. The designs showcase different textures and styles, from intricate lace and snowflake patterns, to iconic Christmas-themed characters. Crafted from plush fabrics such as velvet, wool, satin, or faux fur, tree skirts add polish to your Christmas tree decorations.

    Christmas Tree Collars

    Decorative Christmas tree collars are stylish alternatives to Christmas tree skirts. A tree collar is like a choker for your tree base. It covers the stand and allows you to make a chic statement.

    Balsam Hill offers Christmas tree collars crafted from wood, metal, faux fur, or woven materials to achieve different textures and styles. They’re available in varied sizes to fit different Christmas tree heights. Our tree collars have detachable parts and hinged pieces to make it easy to wrap them around the base of your tree.

    Create the perfect backdrop for holiday gift-giving with a Balsam Hill Christmas tree skirt, Christmas tree collar, or Christmas tree stand. Complete your decorating set with our CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS and CHRISTMAS TREE ACCESSORIES.

    Let us help you pick the right pieces for your holiday centerpiece with our COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS. For more information on Balsam Hill products, get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM.

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