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Trees under 6 feet
Balsam Hill™ offers a variety of artificial Christmas trees under 6 feet in height.
These miniature Christmas trees make
lovely centerpieces and are favorites
among families with kids.
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Under 6 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

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  • Most Realistic (58)
    Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
  • Realistic (17)
    Realistic trees using a mixture of True Needle™ foliage & classic PVC needles
  • Traditional (14)
    Very affordable trees reflecting Balsam Hill quality made from classic PVC needles
Light Type
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  • Candlelight™ Clear LED (36)
    The warm candle-like glow of a traditional light in an LED.
  • Clear (18)
  • Multicolor LED (4)
  • Multicolor (5)
  • Color + Clear™ LED (9)
    Switch from clear LEDs to multicolored LEDs to both.
  • Color + Clear™ (2)
    Select clear, multicolored, or both.
  • Fairy Lights & Micro LEDs (5)
    Itty-bitty lights that dazzle and delight.
  • Unlit (10)
  • Battery Operated (19)
Easy Setup
  • Pre-Fluffed™ (7)
    Light connections are made inside the trunk, and memory wire branches reduce the need for manual shaping.
  • Easy Plug™ (33)
    Light connections are made inside the trunk, so you just plug the tree into the wall.
Tree Shape
  • Full
  • Narrow
  • Potted
  • Outdoor Wreaths and Garlands (4)
  • under $300 (50)
  • $300 - $399 (22)
  • $400 - $499 (11)
  • $500 - $599 (10)
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Whether you’re short on space, are saving more room for presents, or just need more festive displays throughout your home, little Christmas trees can be the perfect solution! Our selection of smaller trees range from petit options that can easily perch atop tables to designs that are just a bit under 6 feet tall, and offer a more traditional silhouette. Some of the most popular sizes include 3, 4, and 5 foot Christmas trees.

Places to Perch

The smaller size of these evergreens means that they can be placed just about anywhere in the home! From side tables or the mantel in the living room to elaborate arrangements on a buffet table in the dining room or on an entryway table, they can add cheer to any space. Try arranging them in groups of three different heights to create a visually appealing centerpiece.

Better in Pairs

Smaller Christmas trees are also the perfect size to work in pairs, flanking the front door, adorning