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Small Christmas Trees: 4-5 ft Trees

Whether you are short on space, saving room for presents, or in need of more festive displays, Balsam Hill's 4-ft to 5.5-ft artificial Christmas trees can be the solution. Our selection of trees under 6-ft come in full, slim, and sparse silhouettes so you can add holiday cheer wherever you like.

Why Should You Choose a Christmas Tree Under 6 Feet?

There are many advantages of using small holiday trees. Here are some:

  • Perfect Proportions

    You don't need to cut back on holiday cheer with 5-foot trees that are suitable for decorating tighter spaces or rooms with low ceilings. They may be miniature in stature but are no less magical in presence.

  • Ideal for Families with Young Children

    Bring the Christmas spirit into your children's bedroom, play area, or study with 4.5-foot artificial Christmas trees. You can even have them dress up the tree or craft DIY ornaments to let their creativity shine.

  • More Opportunities to Decorate

    Create a charming display by the fireplace or front porch steps with a cluster of pre-lit 4.5 ft Christmas trees in odd numbers. You can also use them to decorate your RV or boat.

How Do You Decorate with Small Christmas Trees?

Here are a few styling tips for Christmas trees under 6 feet:

  • 4-ft Trees

    Display 4 ft Christmas trees on their own or as a group in your indoor and al fresco areas. Line them up on your porch steps or flank them beside the front door to create a warm welcome. An alternative is to arrange them in the foyer, by the hearth, or by the buffet table.

  • 4.5-ft Artificial Christmas Trees

    Choose this tree height if you want to have a display of evergreens in other rooms. For a cohesive look, decorate smaller trees in a similar theme or complementary palette as your main Christmas tree. Showcase 4.5ft trees in bedrooms and offices for a cozy ambience in your private spaces.

  • 5-ft Trees

    Despite being lower than the standard tree height, 5-foot trees fit many small to medium-sized spaces. They have the right proportions to create a stunning scene in apartments, dorm rooms, and condo units.

How Do You Decorate a Four-foot Christmas Tree?

For more decorating tips, follow these instructions:

  • Choose smaller Christmas ornaments for proportion - 4-foot Christmas trees look best with 35-piece sets measuring 4 inches and below. For convenience, use our Christmas decor calculator.
  • Use a single embellishment - Crown your tree with a unique tree topper like a star, a vibrant bow, or an angel to create a bold statement.
  • Place it on a pedestal - Wooden crates, galvanized buckets, or vintage boxes not only add height to your tree but also provide a stylish element to your display.
  • Light it up - String fairy lights or showcase our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees for an enchanting scene.

Browse our assortment of 4 to 5.5-ft artificial Christmas trees available in a variety of foliage, lighting, and set-up options. For more buying guides and decorating tips, visit our Resource Center. Sign up for our email newsletter to get notification alerts on our latest sales, promotions, and new arrivals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best height for an artificial Christmas tree?

It depends on your personal preference and on the size of the display area.

How long will a Christmas tree under 6 feet last?

With proper care and storage, your small Balsam Hill Christmas tree can last for many holiday seasons to come.

Are Balsam Hill artificial Christmas trees under 6 feet realistic looking?

Yes. All Balsam Hill trees are designed to look and feel like real trees found in nature. They feature lifelike needles and branches and come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any decorating theme.

Are artificial Christmas trees under 6 feet easy to assemble?

Yes. Each Balsam Hill tree comes with a detailed assembly manual. You can also visit our Resource Center for more tips and guides to assembling and decorating your Christmas tree.

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