Putting ribbon on a Christmas tree is a sophisticated way to give your holiday centerpiece a designer look. They’re elegant whether wound around the branches or cascading from the top. In this article, we share expert tips and styling techniques for adding decorative ribbon to your Christmas tree.

3 Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Trees With Ribbons Like A Professional

Watch Jennifer Lutz to see how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree in three different ways or follow the step-by-step guide below.

Decorating With The Wrap And Tuck Ribbon Style

For a classic look, try the wrap and tuck technique. It adds a simple yet elegant touch to full or narrow trees.

A collage of photos showing a Christmas tree decorated with ribbons using the wrap and tuck style

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How To Decorate Your Tree With The Wrap And Tuck Ribbon Style

  • Step 1|Wrap a wired ribbon around your tree

    Starting at the top, loop your ribbon around the Christmas tree in a downward spiral. Tuck the ribbon deep into the branches.

  • Step 2|Secure your ribbon

    Keep your ribbon in place using floral wires or pipe cleaners. You can also use wired branches that you can bend to hold ribbons in place.

Decorating With Vertical Cascading Ribbons

A collage of photos showing a Christmas tree decorated with vertical cascading ribbons

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How To Decorate Your Tree With A Vertical Ribbon Cascade Style

  • Step 1|Create ribbon folds with a cascading waterfall effect

    Using a wired ribbon, shape large billows from the treetop. Tuck and secure the ribbon to interior branches as you move down the length of the tree.

  • Step 2|Style the ends of your ribbon

    Trim the ends of your Christmas tree ribbon into a fishtail shape. You can also shape the ends into rolls for a polished look.

Decorating With A Ribbon Ornament Style

For this technique, you can mix different types of ribbons to create visual interest. Use pieces with contrasting colors and materials for a striking look.

A collage of photos showing a Christmas tree decorated with ribbon ornaments

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How To Decorate Your Tree With Ribbon Ornaments

  • Step 1|Cut ribbons into strips

    Use two or more non-wired ribbons with different designs or colors. Cut them into strips with varying lengths for a layered effect.

  • Step 2|Tie ribbons to ornaments

    Tie ribbons around the top of each ornament for texture and consistency throughout your tree.

Things To Remember When Decorating A Tree With Ribbons

Christmas tree decorated with various gold ribbons and ornaments


Learning how to add ribbon to a Christmas tree isn’t as complicated as you’d think. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Fluff Your Tree Before Decorating

    Shape your tree until you achieve the desired fullness. Start at the back of each branch and move toward the front, bending tips up and out. Read our step-by-step GUIDE for more details.

  • Use The Right Kind Of Ribbon

    Wired ribbons retain their shape, so you can twist and bend them into loops, bows, or other styles. Non-wired ribbons are ideal if you're planning to tie knots or weave the strands into small branches.

  • Check Your Work

    Every now and then, take a step back to make sure that the ribbons are well-spaced and fluffed. Then, adjust as needed.

Insider’s Tip

Layer Christmas tree ribbons with different textures and colors to create depth. For a more dramatic effect, use wide ribbons on trees measuring 7 feet or taller.

More Questions About Decorating Your Christmas Trees With Ribbons?

Keep reading to learn more on how to decorate a Christmas tree with a ribbon:

What Is The Easiest Way To Put A Ribbon On A Christmas Tree?

The easiest ribbon decorating style is the wrap and tuck. Take a long strand of a ribbon and start at the top of the tree. Then, wrap your tree in a downward spiral, tucking the ribbon in the branches. Secure the end of the ribbon with floral wires or pipe cleaners.

Should You Put Ribbon On Your Christmas Tree First Or Last?

We recommend putting the ribbons first especially if you need to anchor them deep into the branches. Ornaments should go last to avoid bumping and breaking them as you decorate. If using CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, make sure to string them first before adding your ribbons.

What Size Ribbon Is Best For Christmas Trees?

We recommend using ribbons that are 2–5 inches wide, but you can layer two ribbons with different widths for visual interest. For the length, use at least three yards of ribbon per foot of tree. Use our CHRISTMAS RIBBON CALCULATOR to get an idea how much you need for your tree.

We hope this guide gave you some ideas on how to use Christmas tree ribbons. Browse Balsam Hill's website to shop ribbons and other CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.



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