Bedroom with flower garlands and wreath

FEATURED: Sunrise Blooms Foliage

Celebrate Mom in the best way possible. Learn how to decorate for Mother’s Day in ways that extend past the holiday itself. As it’s her presence and efforts that turn a house into a home, it’s only right that she has her own intentional space to relax and unwind every day.

Gifting Mom a bouquet of flowers is a Mother’s Day tradition. Why not take it to the next level by decorating her special space with beautiful artificial flower arrangements? Their beauty rivals that of their natural counterparts, but their longevity assures that Mom will be reminded of your thoughtfulness each time she walks into the room, well past your Mother’s Day celebration.

Check out these Mother’s Day décor ideas for functional spaces designed with Mom’s comfort and joy in mind.

Mother’s Day Brunch Nook

A Mother’s Day brunch is a classic way to celebrate. Honor Mom and bring in the beauty of springtime by decorating your dining room with floral wreaths and garlands. Choose a coordinating color palette of charming spring hues for a visual that will wow Mom as soon as she steps into the space. Don’t pack away the décor after Mother’s Day—instead, leave the dining area in bloom all season long.

Lavender wreath and garland on bar cart

FEATURED: Provencal Lavender Foliage

1. Create Your Focal Point

For family-style gatherings, the dining room sideboard or buffet table is often the center of activity. Hang a wreath on the wall and add matching Mother’s Day garlands across the length of the table. For a cohesive look, use the same type of wreath and garland for the bar or dessert cart.

2. Decorate With Mother’s Day Wreaths

One of the best Mother’s Day centerpiece ideas is to use a floral wreath. Lay one flat at the center of the table and place flameless candles inside. Or, use them as place cards by hanging them on the backs of chairs with nametags.

Al Fresco Mother’s Day Cookout

Fire pit with fairy lights

FEATURED: String Lights and Lanterns

Take advantage of the warmer weather and bring the festivities outdoors. Decorate the backyard or patio with outdoor-safe artificial flowers and greenery. Let Dad man the grill and make sure Mom puts her feet up and is treated like a queen. After the cookout, the space converts into a relaxing oasis. Mom can retreat to it for coffee in the mornings or a glass of wine at night.

1. Use Outdoor-Safe Foliage for Mother’s Day Table Decorations

Dress up your al fresco dining table with UV-protected floral wreaths and garlands. This ensures that they'll stay vibrant and beautiful for years, even when displayed outside. Echo the décor throughout the space by hanging coordinating wreaths or garlands on deck chairs or other outdoor furniture. Then, add other rustic elements like burlap runners and dining accessories in neutral hues.

2. Add Cozy Lighting

Fairy lights and lanterns are both functional and decorative. They allow you to use the space safely at night and impart a warm ambience by complementing the foliage. Nice lighting makes sure Mom has an inviting atmosphere to relax in after a long day.

Kitchen Coffee Corner

Spring flower arrangement in kitchen

FEATURED: Villa Cucina Arrangement

The kitchen is often Mom’s domain. Mark a special spot for her to sit in and enjoy her morning coffee or afternoon tea. Use a special flower arrangement to give her space a vibrant pop of color, and to remind her how much you care about her.

1. Choose the Best Spot

If Mom loves to read the morning paper or do crosswords over her morning coffee, make sure the area has access to natural light. Be extra thoughtful by placing a power outlet close by, especially if she uses a laptop or other electronic devices.

2. Make Her Comforts Accessible

Create an organized space containing all her essentials. Place her favorite mugs or teacups beside the coffeemaker or kettle, as well as a small catchall for pens, paper, and gadget chargers. Mark the spot with a beautiful flower arrangement that will cheer her up.

Craft or Hobby Room

Flower arrangements on table

FEATURED: Dahlia Arrangement

Give Mom more opportunities for me-time. Even a small, quiet corner solely dedicated to her crafting or creative pursuits will mean a lot for someone who devotes most of her time caring for her family.

1. Carve Out the Space

Whether you’re using a spare bedroom or converting a small section of the den or home office, make sure it has all the essentials: A well-lit work area, comfortable seating, and ample storage for supplies.

2. Give It Some Color

Brighten up the room with flowers in a hanging basket. Place the vibrant blooms by the window to give Mom some creative inspiration, too. Or, spruce up the area with a tabletop arrangement or two in Mom’s favorite colors. It's sure to bring a smile to her face and remind her that this is a space she can call her own.

Reading Nook or Meditation Area

White flower arrangement

FEATURED: Spring Magnolia Arrangement

Give Mom a designated spot to retreat to when she needs some quiet time. Add a touch of nature to her sanctuary at home through flower arrangements. This will help create that Zen space where she can read, meditate, or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

1. Pick a Prime Area

Make sure it’s free of noise and distractions, with adjustable lighting. Think beside a window in the quietest corner of the den, or even a spare bedroom. If Mom loves writing letters or journaling, she will appreciate a desk and comfortable chair.

2. Keep Your Color Palette Clean and Simple

Remove all visual clutter and be intentional with the items you will put in the space. Choose white flower arrangements to help inspire feelings of calm. Soft textures and muted lighting help set the tone and purpose of the space.

Creating functional and beautiful spaces for Mom is a sweet gesture she won’t forget. Show how much you value her comfort and her personal growth with a well-planned space decorated with Balsam Hill’s lifelike florals.



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