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Micro LED & Fairy Light Prelit Christmas Trees

Make the holidays extra merry and bright with an artificial Christmas tree with fairy lights from Balsam Hill™. From vivid Ultrabright lights to dazzling micro LEDs, our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees help you create extraordinary moments.

From Classic Incandescent to Modern LED Lights

For many people, holiday celebrations are not complete without a Christmas tree aglow with lights. Christmas tree lights complement the beauty of your ornaments and help set the perfect mood, whether you’re going for warm and cozy or merry and bright. Over the years, LED lights have rapidly become the new standard for Christmas trees. Traditional incandescent bulbs are beloved for their soft golden glow and the familiar feeling it evokes. However, LED lights consume less electricity and last considerably longer, making them a more practical choice for many homeowners.

Introducing Balsam Hill’s Christmas Trees with Micro LED Lights

Balsam Hill is proud to offer you two new LED lighting options for your next tree. In addition to Clear, Multicolor, and Color + Clear Led light types, we are introducing select artificial Christmas trees with Fairy Lights and Micro LED Lights. Our clear Micro LED lights (or 3mm lights) are smaller than standard LED Christmas lights. Their size allows us to fit more LED bulbs per string, which means more lights on your tree. The result is a unique glow that makes your Christmas tree more captivating and instantly memorable. Our Fairy Lights feature small LED bulbs affixed on thin yet durable copper wiring. These tiny bulbs blanket your tree with dazzling pinpricks of light, creating a truly charming display.

Balsam Hill Christmas Trees with Ultrabright Micro LED Lights

Ultrabright Micro LED lights are clusters of tiny lights that will turn any tree into a dazzling spectacle. This is the option for you if you like the look of hundreds of clear lights on a tree. Since these LED bulbs have no filament, they are more energy-efficient and will never burn out unlike traditional incandescent lights. One of the most realistic trees in our collection, the Aspen Estate Fir Flip Tree™, is available with Ultrabright Clear Micro LED Lights in several heights. The Silverado Slim™ is also another Christmas tree with micro lights, an ideal choice if you have limited space. All pre-lit models come with our Easy Plug™ lighting system, where the lights are pre-connected inside the trunk so all you need to handle is the plug that goes into the wall socket.

Balsam Hill Christmas Trees with Fairy Lights

Our Celestial™ Fairy Lights are tiny LED bulbs on a thin copper wire that’s barely visible on the tree, making the lights pop out even more. Choose the Alpine Balsam Fir if you like the look of bare trees and want to showcase your ornaments or its frosted version, the Frosted Alpine Balsam Fir. Sparse by design, these artificial Christmas trees with fairy lights lend a charming touch to your holiday décor.

Choose Balsam Hill Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Putting lights on your tree can be a challenging task, but there’s a much easier alternative. Our Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees save you time and effort by eliminating the need to manually string your own lights. All our pre-lit trees are professionally strung by hand to minimize the appearance of wires. Whether you choose Christmas trees with micro lights, incandescent lights, energy-efficient clear or multicolored LED lights, you are sure to have a delightful time decorating for the holidays with Balsam Hill.

Visit the Balsam Hill website today to view our selection of Christmas trees with micro LED lights. Read the Balsam Hill Guide on Christmas Tree Lights and browse other articles in our Resource Center to learn more about our trees, greenery, and décor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do pre-lit Christmas trees with micro-LED lights last?

Balsam Hill’s pre-lit Christmas trees with micro-LEDs feature durable and energy-efficient bulbs that are designed to last for years with proper care.

Are pre-lit Christmas trees with micro-LED lights easy to install?

Balsam Hill’s pre-lit Christmas trees all come professionally pre-strung with lights, with wires expertly concealed. All you have to do is plug it in.

Can you replace lights on a pre-lit Christmas tree?

Yes, Balsam Hill pre-lit Christmas trees feature replaceable bulbs and fuses, allowing you to switch out individual bulbs or entire sections if needed.

Are Balsam Hill pre-lit Christmas trees worth it?

Yes. Aside from their realistic and detailed appearance, Balsam Hill’s pre-lit trees are convenient to set up. They feature advanced lighting technology, including energy-saving LED lights, which are designed to last for many holiday seasons.