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Fall Accents

Set the scene for quiet evenings and enchanting celebrations with fall decorative accents. Showcase your creativity with unique pieces perfect for celebrating Halloween and other occasions.

What is Special About Balsam Hill® Fall Decorative Accents?

Our fall accents are meticulously designed to complement any decorating style. Their elegant and vibrant designs add delight to any space in your home. Our decorations are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that every piece makes a lasting impression.

How Do You Style Outdoor Areas for Fall?

  1. Mix varying textures–Give your outdoor space a rustic feel with nature-inspired elements like woven materials, wood, and metal. Make the atmosphere cozier with softer textures like wool and cotton throws. Place them inside a wicker basket so guests can pick them up to keep themselves warm at night.
  1. Add a splash of color–Bring seasonal touch to your exterior spaces with pumpkin décor and autumn foliage. Look to nature for color inspiration. Set wreaths and garlands in scarlet red, vivid orange, and bright yellow. Complement your greenery by using pillows and furniture in the same color palette.
  1. Illuminate the scene–Create an enchanting set-up with the soft glow of flameless candles and lanterns. Use these as unique centerpieces or hang fall string lights for a romantic ambience.

How Do You Decorate for Fall and Halloween?

  1. Mix fall accent décor with Halloween decorations–Bring the Halloween spirit into your home by adorning fall foliage with themed decorations such as spiders, cobwebs, or bats. Black accents will pop against vivid fall shades of orange, yellow, and red.

Use fall wreaths, garlands, and twig trees in entryways to create an enchanting welcome. Display your favorite Halloween characters displayed on windows or entryways. Let your guests imbibe the celebratory spirit of this fun tradition.

  1. Display fall accent pumpkins indoors and outdoors–Pumpkins are common during autumn, and they make for easy and simple Halloween décor. Artificial pumpkins are a practical choice because they can be displayed anywhere in your home. With proper storage and care, faux pumpkins will maintain their beauty year after year.

    Stack fall pumpkins of varying sizes on your fireplace mantel, beside the front door, or on your porch steps to catch the eye of visitors. For a rustic look, arrange the pumpkins with vintage buckets, weaved baskets, or wooden crates. Display pre-lit Jack-o'-lanterns along with your artificial pumpkins. Add scary Halloween decorations and accessories to create an eerie effect.
  1. Set the mood with lighting–Elevate the look of your set-up by using candles, lighting fixtures, and pre-lit greenery. Outdoors, place lanterns on the porch or along the pathway for a welcoming touch to your fall home décor. Pre-lit wreaths and garlands make great fall door decorations as the focal point of your outdoor set-up. Indoors, use flameless led candlesas fall accent table décor. Alternatively, place them on mantels, tabletops, and window sills to create charming displays.

This season, make decorating fuss-free with Balsam Hill's fall decorative accents. Request a catalog for more design tips.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How easy is it to install Balsam Hill’s decorative accents?

Balsam Hill’s fall decorative accents are designed for easy installation. Most of our décor items come pre-assembled and ready to display, helping you add a touch of festive seasonal charm to your home in an instant.

What materials are used for Balsam Hill’s fall decorative accents?

Balsam Hill’s fall decorative accents are made from high-quality materials like polyester, plastic, and metal. Our decorations are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy them year after year.

How realistic are Balsam Hill’s fall decorative accents?

Balsam Hill’s decorative accents are designed to be as lifelike as possible, featuring realistic textures, colors and shapes that contribute to creating an authentic seasonal look and feel in your home.

When should I decorate for fall and Halloween?

Many typically start decorating by September, while incorporating Halloween-themed accents by mid-October. Check out Balsam Hill’s range of autumn and Halloween decorations to help you create a festive atmosphere right at home.