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Fall Light and Lanterns

Anticipate the coming shorter and cooler days with Balsam Hill®'s fall lights and lanterns. Surround yourself with the soft glow of various lighting options. Choose among fall string lights, decorative lanterns, and light fixtures to brighten your spaces.

How Do You Decorate a Porch with Fall Lights?

  • Lanterns on steps – Set fall decorative fairy lights on porch steps for an inviting welcome. Channel the relaxing ambience of a café at night by placing them near your outdoor lounge. Showcase them as is or place miniature pumpkins inside them to create visual interest.
  • Fall string lights on railings – Wrap them around porch railings to complement your fall lanterns. They also look beautiful when bundled up and placed inside clear containers like cloches and wine bottles. Alternatively, create a stunning backdrop by suspending them from the ceiling to mimic a waterfall. They also complement topiaries and fall urn fillers String lights also look charming around grapevine balls. Hang them up on tree branches, making them look like floating fall night lights.
  • Pathway lights – Guide guests in and out of your home with solar fall LED lights. Add charm to your walkways with modern lights. For special celebrations like Halloween, use Jack-o'-lantern path lights to tie up your decorations.
  • Pre-lit décor – Balsam Hill offers fall wreaths, garlands, and twig trees that are pre-lit. This makes decorating your porch even more convenient. Make sure to use outdoor-safe greenery before setting them outside. Pre-lit pumpkins also give entryways a warm welcome. Stack or display them in clusters to recreate a pumpkin patch. This is an easy way to brighten up your evening gatherings. When dining al fresco, create an enchanting table setting with fall lanterns. These set the mood for tranquil autumn nights.

How Do You Hang Fall Outdoor Lights?

  1. Untangle the string lights – Carefully untangle all the string lights and lay them out on a dry surface.
  2. Test the bulbs – Plug it into a nearby power outlet and check if all bulbs are working. Use the spare bulbs that come with the box to replace faulty ones.
  3. Attach the hooks – Secure adhesive hooks in your chosen location. Spread them out evenly to prevent the lights from drooping or gaping in the middle. Use clips on the ends of your display to keep them in place throughout the season.
  4. Hang the string lights – Carefully place the lights onto the hooks. Make sure each section is free of tangles or twists. If possible, hang them near a wall socket to prevent people from tripping on wires.
  5. Plug in the lights – Once you are happy with your set-up, plug them in to ensure everything works. Take a step back and check for inconsistencies. Adjust your display as necessary.

When hanging fall lights outdoors, remember to look for the 'outdoor-safe' label first. If using a ladder, make sure that you set it down on a dry, level surface. Remember to use only one plug per outlet to avoid overloading power sources. If using extension cords, use only 75% of the available plugs. Minimize the chances of hazards by using insulated tapes and hooks. For more decorating tips, request a catalog.