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Decorative Christmas Swags, Teardrops and Centerpieces

Make it festive with Christmas swags, teardrops, and centerpieces. Crafted with the same foliage as our Christmas trees, these holiday accents add warmth and charm to your home.

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Give guests a warm welcome with Balsam Hill’s Christmas teardrop swags and hanging greenery baskets. Made from the same foliage as our artificial trees, our selection of swags and Christmas hanging baskets adds charm and cheer to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

A teardrop swag is a type of holiday greenery named after its unusual teardrop shape. Much like a Christmas wreath, it’s usually displayed on entryways. A hanging basket, on the other hand, features an arrangement of foliage and decorative accents set inside a basket. It comes with a cord or chain for hanging. Use these versatile decorations to brighten different areas in and outside the home.

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Swag and Holiday Greenery in a Basket?

Style decorative Christmas swags and Christmas hanging baskets the way you would wreaths and garlands. Here are some ideas:

  • Ribbons

Create a bow out of silk ribbon and attach it to the top of your swag. Wrap ribbon along the edge of your basket. It’s an easy way to elevate the look of your holiday greenery.

  • Ornaments

Decorate these foliage arrangements to match the ornaments on your artificial tree. This extends your holiday theme throughout your home.

  • Nature-inspired embellishments

You can’t go wrong with using artificial flowers, pinecones, and berries as accents. These are especially suitable for a winter cabin or rustic farmhouse theme.

Where Do You Hang Decorative Christmas Swags and Baskets?

Swags are often used as decorations for doors, windows, and mailboxes. Meanwhile, outdoor Christmas hanging baskets are often displayed on the front porch, patio, or backyard shed. Discover other places where you can enjoy the beauty of these decorated greenery.

  • Entryways

Hang a teardrop swag on your front or home office door to give it a sprinkle of holiday charm. Place a faux plant basket on a coat hanger for a festive touch. They’re unique alternatives to the usual Christmas wreaths and garlands.

  • Stairs

Hang a swag or a holiday plant basket on banister posts to complement garlands along railings. Let the Christmas foliage act as a reminder to keep a joyful mood at the start and end of your day.

  • Kitchen

Fill a blank kitchen wall with Christmas teardrop swags. Add refreshing pops of color by hanging Christmas foliage baskets on every corner of the room.

  • Dining room

Elevate the look of a vintage cupboard with a decorative holiday swag. Use a swag or faux greenery basket as a centerpiece for your dining table.

How Do You Hang Christmas Swags and Hanging Plant Baskets?

Keep your exteriors merry and bright with our Christmas outdoor swags and hanging plant baskets. Our outdoor-safe Christmas greenery features weather-resistant materials and UV protection to withstand the elements. Here are some tips on how to hang these foliage pieces outside your home.

  • Doors

Holiday swags and artificial Christmas hanging baskets with flat backs can be hung on doors the same way as wreaths. Use adhesive hooks or a wreath hanger to avoid damaging the door surface. Another way is to use a ribbon to suspend it. Attach one end of the ribbon to the swag, then drape the other end over your door. Then, secure it to the top of the door with thumbtacks.

  • Windows

Dress up your exterior windows with vibrant Christmas greenery. Use a clear adhesive hook and stick it to the center of the window rail to hang your swag. Suspend foliage baskets on both ends of the window. Do this by installing screw hooks on the ceiling.

  • Mailboxes

Deck out your mailbox by draping it with a swag. Secure the foliage with floral wires or a nylon fishing line so that it stays in place throughout winter.

For more information and tips, we recommend reading our Guide on Artificial Greenery prior to decorating.

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