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Entertaining for Christmas

Styling with tabletop Christmas greenery is a great way to elevate your guests’ holiday dining experience and make them feel extra special. Below we share expert tips and styling ideas on how to use wreaths and garlands for your tablescape.

Can You Use a Wreath or Garland as a Centerpiece?

Wreaths and garlands are versatile pieces that can be used in a variety of ways. Aside from hanging them on doors, windows, and walls, you can also use them as a centerpiece. On its own, a decorated tabletop christmas wreath doesn’t need much and can be displayed as is. Meanwhile, garlands can take the place of a traditional table runner and be styled according to your theme.

How Do You Choose the Right Wreath and Garland?

We have a wide variety of tabletop Christmas greenery suitable for any space and decorating theme. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right ones for your table styling needs.

  • Determine the Right Size

    Balsam Hill offers Christmas wreaths ranging from 18 to 60 inches in diameter. Which size to get depends on the size of your table and whether you have a round or rectangular one. Measure your table to make sure the wreath doesn’t overwhelm the tablescape and leaves plenty of room for place settings. One wreath works well for a round table, while several smaller wreaths are perfect when set across the length of a long table.

    Our Christmas garlands, on the other hand, are available from 5 to 10 feet long and can be connected together to form a longer tabletop garland. When deciding how many garlands to get, allot for how long you want it to drape over the edge of your table. If you want a more dramatic effect, we recommend letting it cascade to the floor on both sides.

  • Decide on the Style

    From gilded accents to colorful Christmas ornaments, our pre-decorated tabletop Christmas garlands and wreaths add a festive flair to any table setting. Opt for undecorated greenery to give you more flexibility or if you simply prefer to dress them up on your own. You can also choose from several lighting options – from unlit to clear or multicolored to LED fairy lights.

  • Consider Indoor vs Outdoor Display

    If you plan to entertain al fresco, use outdoor-safe greenery to make sure they remain vibrant for a long time. The foliage on these wreaths and garlands are crafted with weather-resistant materials and UV-protection to preserve their beauty and quality. To last longer, we recommend outdoor display for a total of 3 months every year.

How Do You Display a Wreath on a Table?

Here are some holiday styling ideas for tabletop wreaths that you can try.

  • Style with Candles

    Group candles in different sizes and place them in the center of the wreath. You can also use candles in glass hurricanes or lanterns to add height and visual interest. If using real candles, make sure not to leave them unattended especially if you have small children or pets. Flameless candles are a great alternative if you’d rather not clean up melted wax.

  • Add a Vase or Cloche

    Set a clear glass vase or cloche big enough to fit the center of your table top wreath, but not too tall that your guests can’t see each other across the table. Fill the container with pinecones and dried berries for a rustic look or a string of battery-operated Christmas lights to make it glow. Fairy lights are a classic choice, but you can also use multicolored ones for a more festive feel.

  • Use as Cake Stand Base

    The opening in the center of a wreath makes it a perfect base for cake stands or multi-tiered serving platters. Set it on your buffet table or bar cart along with dessert plates, utensils, and napkins. Add some holiday-themed accents such as mini Christmas balls or tabletop trees to complete the look.

What Greenery Do You Use for a Table Runner?

Any kind of greenery can be turned into a Christmas tabletop garland, so choose ones that you like best. Cedar, pine, and fir are all great choices, and you can mix them together to create more depth and texture. We also offer fresh garlands as well as artificial if you’re not up for making them yourself. Here are some of our most popular:

  • BH Norway Spruce Garland

    The BH Norway Spruce Garland features a blend of spruce and pine foliage for an ultra-realistic look. Available in 6 and 10 feet, these garlands are 12 inches wide and comes with end-to-end plugs so you can connect several together.

  • Winter Evergreen Garland

    The Winter Evergreen Garland is a mix of cedar and fir foliage, accented with berry sprays and natural pinecones. These garlands are battery-operated, so they light up without needing to plug them into a power source.

  • Outdoor Merry & Bright Garland

    Adorned with shatterproof ornaments, glittered leaves, and berry sprays, the Outdoor Merry & Bright Garland adds a splash of color to your holiday tablescape. These garlands are outdoor-safe, perfect for your outdoor dinner parties.

We hope this helped you choose the perfect tabletop Christmas greenery for your home. For other guides and entertaining tips, visit the Resource Center or request for a copy of our catalog for more decorating inspiration. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive alerts on promotions and new arrivals.

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