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Gift Guide Under $150

These Christmas decorations under $150 make wonderful presents for your nearest and dearest. Read on for our guide to gifting etiquette, as well as gift ideas perfect for your budget.

What are the Rules of Gift-Giving?

Gifts are a delight to both give and receive. But during a busy season like Christmas, the tradition of gift-giving can be fraught with pressure. Avoid missteps by following these tips.

  • Set an Appropriate Budget
    Realizing you’ve over or under-spent on a present is embarrassing for both parties involved. Establish how much you’re willing to spend on each gift based on the nature of your relationship. Some families and groups of friends set a spending limit to make sure everyone’s on the same page, budget-wise.

  • Give Themed or Seasonal Items Early
    Holiday items or consumables, like Christmas hampers, should be given early in case your recipient wishes to display or serve them. Consider the holiday rush that can impact the availability of your chosen gift as well as delivery or shipping times when planning your Christmas list.

  • Keep a Small Selection of Wrapped Presents
    Make sure no one goes home empty-handed if you’re hosting a Christmas gathering. Consequently, always be prepared with a hostess gift in case of last-minute invitations. Our selection of premium Christmas décor under $150 features giftable items anyone will love to receive.

  • Don’t Forget Presentation and Proper Thanks
    Plan gifts ahead so you have enough time to get presents wrapped. Beautiful wrapping shows an extra touch of care and intention that’s sure to be appreciated. Also, prepare thank you cards before the holiday rush makes them a burdensome chore. These should be typically sent out in the first week of January.

Which Christmas Decoration Ideas Under $150 Make the Best Gifts?

Seasonal accents are both festive and functional items your recipients would love to add to their collections.

Check out these beautiful décor pieces.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas Under $150

  • Ornament sets are beautiful additions to your recipient’s collection of Christmas decorations. Choose one that suits their personal style, or a set that features designs or a motif meaningful to both of you.

  • Tree toppers come in a variety of designs. Expand your recipient’s collection and their decorating possibilities with a unique topper.

Table Christmas Decorations Under $150

  • LED decorative trees make small spaces sparkle. Your recipient can use your gift to liven up mantels and bookshelves.

  • Snow globes add a little Christmas magic to mantels and tabletops. These are wonderful gifts especially if your recipient is a collector.

Other Classic Christmas Décor Under $150

  • Give the gift of a warm hug, even if you aren’t around. Throws are both stylish and functional accent pieces, especially during the cooler months.

  • A scent machine and scented oils allow your recipient to create a warm and festive ambiance with aromas characteristic of the season.

Enjoy this season of giving by planning your Christmas shopping ahead of time. Shop Balsam Hill’s premium Christmas decorations under $150 and find the perfect gift items to complete your list. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications on our latest promotions, sales, and new arrivals.