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BH Balsam Fir Christmas Trees and Foliage

Balsam Hill is committed to creating the most lifelike artificial Christmas trees and greenery around. While we carry a wide selection of tree varieties, our namesake balsam fir remains a customer favorite. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration for our Balsam Fir Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands.

Is a Balsam Fir a Good Christmas Tree?

The balsam fir is regarded as one of the most popular Christmas trees of all time, due in large part to the following characteristics:

  • Color - The balsam fir's dark green hue creates the perfect backdrop for your Christmas tree decorations.

  • Shape - Its classic teardrop shape makes it the embodiment of a traditional Christmas tree.

  • Foliage - Balsam Fir needles are semi-flat, densely packed, and grows out into upward-sloping branches, making hanging ornaments and other tree decorations a pleasure.

  • Fragrance - The balsam fir tree has a distinct woodsy scent that has become synonymous with the nostalgic smell of Christmas.

Our balsam fir artificial trees are modeled after their natural counterparts from the Appalachian Mountain range. We've taken great care to capture as many of the traits that make the balsam fir a best-selling favorite and made it available in a range of sizes for you to easily find the best fit for your home.

You can also shop BH Balsam Fir artificial Christmas trees pre-lit for your convenience. Choose from classic incandescent bulbs for that cheery glow or Color-Changing LED lights for a festive feel. If you want to simplify your tree decoration even further, our BH Balsam Fir Flip Tree allows you to reduce set-up time significantly. It comes with a rolling base that locks into place and a lightweight, detachable tree top that makes assembling your Christmas tree easy and fuss-free.

Which is Better: Balsam Vs. Fraser?

It's a matter of personal preference, as both the BH Balsam Fir and BH Fraser Fir make wonderful Christmas. If you're drawn to a more traditional tree, the Balsam Fir's teardrop shape and semi-flat needles make it the perfect choice. The Fraser Fir cuts a more rustic silhouette with its organically shaped treetop and silvery needles. Both trees make worthy investments you will be able to enjoy decorating and displaying year after year.

What is the Best-Smelling Christmas Tree?

The Balsam Fir Christmas tree is known as one of the most fragrant evergreens. Fresh, crisp, and woodsy, it's often characterized as "smelling like Christmas." Capture the same warm and nostalgic aroma by diffusing our Holiday Scents of the Season fragrance oil. Paired with our BH Balsam Fir, you can evoke the same look and feel of a traditional Christmas tree without the maintenance and upkeep of a real evergreen.

What is the Most Fragrant Christmas Wreath?

Fresh balsam fir wreaths and garlands are also some of the most fragrant greenery, just like their tree counterpart. How long the scent lasts depend on whether it's cooler or warmer where you live. Balsam fir garlands, wreaths, and trees hold their fragrance longer in cold weather, so keep that in mind when decorating for the holidays. A more practical option is to invest in high-quality artificial Christmas greenery that will last for many years. You can use balsam fir scented oils or candles to capture that nostalgic evergreen scent that many people love.

Who Makes the Most Realistic Christmas Garland?

Balsam Hill offers the most realistic Christmas garlands on the market. Our balsam fir garlands are made with the same True Needle® technology as our trees. When you buy from us, you rest assured that your trees, wreaths, and garlands have been hand-crafted with care to ensure quality and longevity.

Shop Balsam fir Christmas wreaths, garlands, and trees on our website and enjoy free delivery on your orders. If you'd like to experience our different needle types before deciding, order a Branch Sample Kit and have the cost of your kit be credited toward your first Balsam Hill tree purchase. For more information on our products and expert decorating tips, visit our Resource Center.

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