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    Assembly, Use and Care



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    If the full tree does not light, make sure it is plugged into the wall. If the tree has a footswitch, step on it.

    If the tree has a remote, use it to turn on the lights. Also check that the tree is plugged into the remote receiver box, and that the remote receiver box is plugged into the wall outlet. Pull the plastic tab out of the remote’s battery compartment.


    If a section does not light, ensure that unlit strand(s) or section(s) are fully plugged into other strands and/or extension cords.

    For Easy Plug trees, also ensure strands are properly plugged into the center pole and gently twist the sections to ensure that they are seated properly.


    If the issue is with individual strand(s), visually check for broken and discolored bulbs and replace as needed.


    If you find that your tree does not look as full as expected, please be aware that items arrive compressed from shipping, so they require shaping in order to achieve their intended look. For ideal fullness and realism, follow the fluffing steps HERE.

    If the above steps do not work, or if you have a different issue with your product, you may find the answer in our PRODUCT TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO LIBRARY

    We would also be happy to help you personally. Please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE for further assistance.