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Sparse Artificial Christmas Trees

Make your Charlie Brown holiday dreams come true with a sparse artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. Our collection features stunning trees inspired by nature’s beauty.

What Kind of Christmas Tree Has Sparse Branches?

Certain Fir, Spruce, or Cedar tree species feature widely spaced branches that give them an organic silhouette. The structure of these sparse Christmas tree types provides the perfect backdrop for prominently displaying Christmas ornaments.

What Makes Balsam Hill Sparse Christmas Trees Special?

Create an elegant and modern holiday display with Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas trees with sparse branches. Crafted by experts, these lifelike centerpieces are designed with spacious gaps between layers of foliage to give them a look that’s true to nature. Our exclusive true needle™ foliage allows us to mimic the color, shape, and structure of real Spruce, Fir, or Cedar needles. Each artificial tree also features a detailed faux trunk for an added layer of realism.

Select from our sparse trees with a slim profile if you have a compact space. Pick from our lush and full trees with an organic silhouette for big rooms and to display plenty of ornaments. Choose from a range of tree sizes that suit your needs—from 4.5 feet to 12 feet tall. For added convenience, look for our Pre-Fluffed™ sparse Christmas trees. These trees feature memory wire branches that fan out upon unboxing, reducing the need for manual fluffing and shaping.

Our sparse artificial Christmas trees are offered unlit and pre-lit. Have freedom to decorate any way you please with an unlit artificial tree. Or, add shimmer to your ornaments with a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Powered by our Easy Plug™ technology, the pre-lit trees have light strings that are automatically connected within the tree trunk. Options include Candlelight™ Clear LED lights, Celestial™ Fairy lights, and Clear Micro LEDs. Let these sparkly Christmas trees bring instant charm to your home.

How Do You Decorate an Artificial Christmas Tree with Sparse Branches?

A tree with sparse branches allows you to prominently display your most cherished ornaments. Balsam Hill’s sparse trees feature sturdy hinged branches that provide ample support for tree decorations. The wide spaces between layers give your accessories enough room to shine.

Our artificial Christmas trees with sparse branches suit various decorating styles or themes. Showcase your vintage ornament collection or hang beaded garlands for rustic elegance. Complement the motif with a woven or galvanized metal tree collar. For a regal look, dress up your tree with a plush tree skirt and let shiny geometric or finial ornaments dangle between branches. Create a winter wonderland with a flocked sparse tree. Decorate it with faux snowballs and a white fur tree skirt piled high with beautifully wrapped Christmas presents.

Display the sparse tree in a well-lit area to highlight its features and decorations. Let it take centerstage, drawing the eye with its natural splendor. Arrange the furniture in such a way that your holiday centerpiece can be seen from any angle. Accent the space with wreaths, garlands, or potted trees to complement your tree. Complete the look with decorative accents that go with your theme. Another option is to display the tree in your reading corner or bedroom. Make these private spaces more inviting and relaxing using your artificial Christmas tree with sparse branches and warm lights.

Create more memorable gatherings this season with stunning sparse artificial Christmas trees. Browse Balsam Hill’s collection of holiday décor today.

Find the right tree shape and size for your space with our artificial Christmas tree size guide. Get decorating inspiration for your next Christmas tree with these stunning ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you make a thin Christmas tree look fuller?

Fluff and shape the branches of your tree to add volume and create depth.

How do you make a thin Christmas tree look fuller?

You can use decorative fillers such as garlands, foliage picks, or other accents to strategically cover any sparse areas in your tree.

Are sparse Christmas trees in style?

Sparse Christmas trees are a stylish choice for those seeking a modern or minimalistic look in their holiday decorations.

What are the benefits of a sparse artificial Christmas tree?

Sparse artificial Christmas trees offer a more organic look, with a silhouette that allows for more decorations and lights.

What are the benefits of a sparse artificial Christmas tree?

Sparse artificial Christmas trees offer a more organic look, with a silhouette that allows for more decorations and lights.