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Artificial Christmas Greenery Catalog Picks

Balsam Hill presents our featured artificial Christmas wreaths and greenery in this year’s holiday catalog. Below we share tips on how to add warmth to your indoor and outdoor spaces with realistic garlands, potted trees, and more.

What Can I Use to Decorate a Christmas Wreath?

Transform the look of your holiday wreath with things that you have at home. You can use the following decorations to let your creativity shine this season:

  • Light Strings – Make sure the best Christmas wreaths brighten up your spaces even at night. Choose clear lights if you like a classic glow or go for multi-color lights if you want a more festive atmosphere.
  • Picks – Nature-inspired picks make your wreaths look more organic. They come in various designs that suit any Christmas theme, from winter wonderland to rustic farmhouse.
  • Ribbons – For a unified look, use ribbons that match those in your Christmas tree décor. You can also use them as a bow instead of wrapping them around your greenery for visual interest.
  • Ornaments – Add charm to your best wreaths with glass, metal, or fabric ornaments. Use pieces that match your tree decorations to tie up your theme.

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Garland?

The best Christmas garlands add instant cheer to your fireplace mantels, staircase railings, or dining tables. Here’s how you can elevate their look season after season:

  1. Fluff your greenery – Garlands are compressed upon unboxing. Before you do any styling, take time to shape your garland until you achieve your desired fullness. Use protective gloves while spreading the tips up and out away from the main frame.
  2. Gather materials – Prepare the decorations and supplies you’ll need. You can use the same picks and ornaments that you have on your tree or wreath for convenience. Pipe cleaners, staplers, and floral wires are also great for securing them onto your greenery.
  3. Add dimension with greenery trimmings – Create depth with picks or real trimmings of eucalyptus or magnolia leaves. These add visual interest and layers to your garland with minimal effort.
  4. String lights – If using unlit garlands, wrap light strings around them before any decorating. For pre-lit garlands, check that all bulbs are working before adding embellishments. Replace faulty ones with spare light bulbs.
  5. Tuck in ribbons and floral picks – Layer and tuck in wired ribbons along the branches of your garland. Then, insert floral or berry picks that match your decorating theme.
  6. Attach ornaments – Add Christmas balls, pinecones, and other holiday accents to your design. Make sure to use light pieces to avoid the middle of your garland dropping when hung.
  7. Check work then adjust as necessary – Take a step back and assess your work. Ensure that your decorations are visible and evenly spaced, then adjust as you see fit.

Make your celebrations even more festive with our Christmas greenery catalog picks favorites. Dress up your space with our top Christmas wreaths, garlands, potted arrangements, and more. For more decorating inspirations, request a catalog.

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