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BH Décor in Dolly Parton and sister Rachel's cookbook

Discover the charm and elegance of Balsam Hill home décor as seen in the Dolly Parton cookbook, “Good Lookin’ Cookin’.” This unique collaboration combines the cozy feel of the beloved country artist’s kitchen and our high-quality greenery and decorations.

What Inspired the Collaboration Between Balsam Hill and Dolly Parton?

Dolly and Balsam Hill share the goal of transforming every dining experience into a memorable occasion. Our commitment to crafting beautiful and welcoming environments perfectly complements Dolly’s Southern hospitality. Together, we celebrate the simple joys of life, bringing a touch of Dolly’s warmth and Balsam Hill’s elegance to homes everywhere.

How Can I Incorporate Balsam Hill’s Décor Into My Home Like in the Cookbook?

The team-up between Balsam Hill and Dolly Parton brings together the best of both worlds: seasonal decorations and delicious recipes from the cookbook. For every season, we’ve picked décor that goes hand in hand with Dolly’s dishes, creating a cohesive look for your home.

Embrace spring with lush greenery, pastel hues, and nature-inspired table accents that complement Dolly’s recipes to create a cohesive dining experience.

As summer approaches, reflect the lively energy and warmth of the season by infusing your surroundings with bolder colors inspired by the décor in Dolly Parton’s cookbook. With outdoor dining becoming more frequent this time of year, why not liven up your tablescape with platters and drinkware that capture the joyful and relaxed vibe of summer barbecues and gatherings?

Celebrate the harvest season by incorporating rustic decorations in deep oranges, reds, and browns. Add a touch of Dolly Parton’s country charm to your Thanksgiving table with plaid patterns and pumpkin-themed décor.

Create a holiday wonderland with sparkling lights, elegant ornaments, and artificial Christmas trees when winter comes around. Recreate the cozy ambience in the cookbook to make festive gatherings memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below, we answer more questions about Balsam Hill products used in “Good Lookin’ Cookin’.”

Which Balsam Hill Products Are Highlighted in the Cookbook?

Dolly Parton’s cookbook features a variety of Balsam Hill products, such as artificial flowers and greenery, fall and Halloween décor, artificial trees, ornaments, and more that you can use season after season.

Can Balsam Hill Decorations Be Used Year-Round?

Absolutely. While some items are holiday-specific, many Balsam Hill decorations featured in “Good Lookin’ Cookin’” are versatile enough to enhance your home décor throughout the year.

Can the Recipes and Décor Be Adapted for Special Occasions?

Indeed, you can follow the recipes from the book and decorate your spaces inspired by the featured Balsam Hill décor for a festive holiday dinner, a casual brunch, or a themed party.

Whether you’re Dolly Parton fan, enjoy beautiful décor, or love cooking delightful meals, Balsam Hill provides the perfect inspiration to elevate your home and dining experiences. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates and special announcements directly to your inbox.

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