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Christmas Tree Replacement Parts

With proper care and handling, Balsam Hill Christmas trees are designed to be enjoyed for many seasons. Even with normal wear and tear, you can maintain your Christmas tree using our replacement parts. From Christmas tree replacement bulbs to replacement stands for artificial Christmas trees, find what you need to keep your Christmas tree and greenery in excellent shape for years.

Premium Christmas Tree Replacement Bulbs

Balsam Hill’s lifelike Christmas trees feature premium commercial grade lights. This means that if one bulb burns out or is removed, the rest will stay lit. The lights of our pre-lit Christmas trees are professionally hand-strung and evenly distributed to minimize the appearance of wires.

Our pre-lit Christmas trees come with a variety of lighting options—traditional incandescent lights that last over 3,300 hours, and energy-efficient LED lights. Tree lights are available in Clear, Multicolor, and Color+Clear™ which combines both. Each tree comes with extra bulbs and fuses so you can easily replace any that breaks, falls, or burns out.

Should you need additional Christmas tree replacement bulbs, you can order more.

Each Christmas tree replacement lights package includes 50 bulbs. They’re available with either a green base for your classic tree, or a white base for your white Christmas tree. Please check your tree lights carefully prior to purchasing extra bulbs to ensure that you’re getting the rights ones for your tree.

A quick way to know the kind of lights your tree has is to turn them on for 20 minutes. If the bulbs are hot to the touch, they are incandescent. You can also tell if your bulbs are incandescent if there are two prongs within the bulb casing. If the lights stay cool, they are LEDs. Our clear Christmas tree replacement lights kit features bulbs that emit the clear, candle-like glow. Our multi Christmas tree replacement lights kit features an assortment of red, green, blue, and yellow bulbs.

Artificial Christmas Tree Stand Replacement Parts

Our standard tree stands are crafted from sturdy steel, with rubber feet to prevent slippage and to protect your floors. The stand comes with a tree stand key or eye bolt to keep the tree steady and prevent it from leaning or wobbling.

These Christmas tree stand parts are available for purchase. When the rubber feet of your trees wear out after several years of use, you may change them with our replacement black rubber feet. These are offered in two sizes to fit either small or large tree stands and are available in a pack of 4. We also offer replacement tree stand keys or eye bolts.

Balsam Hill Flip Tree Replacement Wheels

Decorate for the holidays with the ease and convenience of our Flip Trees™. Stored upside down on a built-in rolling stand, all you need to do is roll the tree into place, flip the bottom section, and attach the treetop. Your tree is all ready to be fluffed and decorated.

Get the Flip Tree replacement wheels you need for your artificial Christmas tree from us. Flip Trees manufactured in 2018 onwards feature 4 small lockable wheels. Flip Trees manufactured in 2017 and earlier feature 2 large non-lockable wheels and 2 small lockable wheels.

Meanwhile, our replacement hinge pins and washers come in a pack of 5 pairs and can be used in case a branch becomes loose from the tree’s center pole.

Enjoy the beauty and quality of your Balsam Hill tree for years by replacing its parts with our premium Christmas tree replacement bulbs, replacement stands for artificial Christmas trees, and Christmas tree stand parts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of replacement parts are available from Balsam Hill?

We carry many replacement parts for artificial Christmas trees and decorations, including screws and hinge pins, rubber caps or rolling wheels for tree bases, and light bulbs and fuses.

Are the replacement parts easy to install?

Yes. The parts also come with detailed instructions, making the process even easier.

Why order replacement parts from Balsam Hill?

Aside from ensuring the quality of your replacement parts, our customer service team is available to provide additional support.

How can I make my artificial Christmas tree last longer?

Take extra care when assembling and disassembling your Christmas tree. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.

To help you find out which replacement bulb you need for your tree, refer to our Christmas Light Bulb Guide. If you need replacement bulbs for your Balsam Hill wreath, garland, or potted tree, please contact our Customer Service Team.