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Battery Operated Christmas Wreaths & Garlands

Balsam Hill's battery-operated Christmas wreaths and garlands bring instant cheer to your holiday celebrations. These are professionally hand-strung with lights to reduce the appearance of wires. As an added feature, some of our battery-operated greenery come with a built-in timer. This allows you to leave your lights on without having to think about switching them off after a certain number of hours. Choose from our wide assortment of sizes and designs to meet your desired style.

Where can I hang wreaths?

Pre-lit wreaths and battery-operated Christmas garlands make holiday decorating a breeze. Our artificial greenery takes away the hassle of plugs and cords to give you endless styling opportunities. The front door is a popular choice for these decorations to welcome guests. There are also other places you can showcase your beautiful greenery, such as:

  • Above the fireplace mantel

Artificial greenery lend cheer to this key display area of the living room. Complete your festive mantel décor with a Christmas wreath and garland that go well with your holiday stockings and decorative accents.

  • Foyer

Deck high-traffic areas in colors of the season. Change things up in your entryway by hanging wreaths on a coat hanger. For your staircase, line garlands along the banister.

  • Windows

For a polished look indoors and out, choose wreaths with battery-operated lights. This way, you don't have to worry about hiding wires along window frames.

  • Patio

Make your family's favorite outdoor lounge more elegant. Surround it with color-coordinated Christmas wreaths and garlands.

  • Backyard

Sprinkle some holiday cheer along fences, gates, and garden sheds with battery-operated Christmas garlands. Your creativity won't be limited, even if there are no power outlets nearby.

Discover other areas to showcase your holiday greenery in our guide.

Can you use a battery-operated wreath outside?

Balsam Hill's pre-lit battery-operated wreaths and garlands are made with high-quality outdoor-safe materials. They're designed to withstand varying temperatures, day and night. Our premium faux greenery also come with UV-protective coating and energy-efficient LED lights.

How long do battery-operated garlands last?

The life cycle of our battery-operated lighted garland ultimately depends on how long and how often you light it up. The convenient built-in timer serves energy-saving purposes. Most selections can be set to 6 hours on, 18 hours off, while others are for 8 hours on, 16 hours off. Extra bulbs and fuses are included in each purchase, so you can replace lights that burn out over time.

How do I store battery-operated wreaths and garlands?

Keep battery-operated wreaths and garlands good as new with Balsam Hill's premium storage bags. Our wreath storage bags come in various sizes and colors. They feature padded cushions and inner hangers for extra protection. Store your wreaths upright, if you prefer, by using the curved carrying handle.

To keep all your artificial greenery in one container, consider our wreath and garland rolling storage chest. Transport it from one place to another with ease and keep it secure in one spot by locking the wheels in place. Measuring 55 high and 17 wide, the storage chest can hold 4 wreaths and 4 garlands. It also comes with clips and adjustable straps. With extra storage compartments, the storage chest allows you to carefully organize your precious Christmas ornaments.

Find the perfect Balsam Hill faux greenery that complement the rest of your décor for special gatherings this season. For more tips and ideas, refer to this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do battery-operated wreaths work?

Insert batteries, switch it on, and watch as the LED lights within the wreath brighten up your spaces. Some battery-operated wreaths also feature different lighting modes or a built-in timer that automatically turns the lights on and off at specific intervals.

Can I leave battery-operated lights on all night?

Yes, but it’s important to use high-quality lights, fresh batteries, and be cautious of any potential fire hazards. We recommend using timers to conserve energy and your decorations’ life.

Are battery-operated artificial wreaths and garlands safe?

Yes, they’re designed with safety in mind and many feature low-voltage LED lights that are cool to the touch.

Are battery-operated Christmas lights worth it?

Battery-operated lights can be an investment as you can cut down effort and time on set up and storage. You also don’t have to worry about nearby power outlets, giving you more decorating flexibility.