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Artificial Christmas Trees Under $399

Spread Christmas cheer around your home with the most affordable trees from Balsam Hill. Shop our selection of artificial Christmas trees under $399.

What Are The Best Artificial Christmas Trees?

  • A Variety of Tree Species

    We draw from both nature and nostalgia when designing our Christmas trees. From spruce and pine to our namesake Balsam Fir, many of our affordable Christmas trees are modeled after the most popular tree species sure to evoke fond memories of Christmases past.

  • Realism

    We categorize our trees based on their level of realism. Our affordable realistic Christmas trees under $399 use a combination of True Needle™ PE needles and classic PVC needles to strike a balance between realism and cost. Meanwhile, our Most Realistic Christmas Trees feature a higher concentration of True Needle foliage for the most lifelike effect. Our Traditional Trees are 100% classic PVC needles, providing the most affordable option.

  • Easy Set-up

    Balsam Hill believes Christmas tree assembly and decoration should be easy and stress-free. Many of our affordable Christmas trees offer these features:

    • Pre-Fluffed foliage – Tree branches are hand-shaped with memory wire to reduce set-up time. Your Christmas tree will only require minimal fluffing out of the box before it’s ready to be decorated and displayed.

    • Easy Plug technology – Light connections on pre-lit trees are hidden within the tree trunk, so all you need is one plug to light up your tree. We carry various lighting options, from classic incandescent lights to color-changing bulbs.

How Do I Choose A Christmas Tree For My Home?

Take the following factors into consideration when selecting the perfect tree.

  • Tree Size

    Account for ceiling clearance when calculating the tree’s height. There should be at least 12 inches of allowance from the top of the tree to the ceiling. As for the tree’s shape, choose slim or flatback trees for narrower spaces or tight corners. Full trees are best for more expansive areas or if you have a plenty or ornaments, you’d like to display.

  • Unlit vs Pre-lit

    Unlit trees offer a lot of room to create your own light display, while pre-lit trees remove the guesswork out of stringing lights.

  • Price

    Always aim for good value for money regardless of your budget. A Balsam Hill artificial Christmas tree is an investment piece that can delight your family season after season.

Where Can I Buy An Inexpensive Christmas Tree?

Balsam Hill offers affordable Christmas trees in a wide range of options to fit your home and budget. Browse our Sale section for great deals on our artificial Christmas trees and other seasonal home décor. If you’d like to see and feel our foliage before buying your tree, sign up for a Branch Sample Kit. It comes with a coupon that credits the cost of the kit toward your Balsam Hill tree purchase.

For more information on our products and expert decorating tips, check out our Resource Center.

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