Branch Sample Kit

Our goal is for you to find your perfect Balsam Hill™ Christmas tree in the comfort of your own home without any holiday shopping hassle. For those of you who would like the opportunity to view samples of our products in person before you purchase your new tree, we are pleased to offer 2 versions of our exclusive Branch Sample Kit.

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Small Branch Sample Kit
8 samples
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Large Branch Sample Kit
22 samples
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Customers love the Branch Sample Kit

Really Helped in Selecting My Tree
I actually spent a few weeks with my branch sample kit looking at color of the tree, texture of needles, and actually trying out ornaments on the very tips to see how they would be supported.
—Sally the ornament girl from Danbury, CT
I love my Branch Sample Kit
The kit gave me a clear view of the different branch's that the trees offer. Let me really get my hands on the branchs and decide on the tree that would be best for me.
—Branch Sample Kit from Nampa, Idaho
Gorgeous selection
These trees are the most gorgeous I've seen...The warranty and quality does set off the guilt of spending this much on a one-time-a-year use.
—Grammy of 7 from Atlanta, GA
Very convenient
The samples were of great help for my 78 year old, shut in friend, who would like to replace her old tree with a new tree. Hard to tell that they are artificial. We had fun looking and picking through the kit.
—Love Christmas Trees from Opelika, Alabama
No Samples of Unlit Trees
I loved the quality of the samples - I felt like I would get sap on my hands from touching them they were so realistic.
—Maryland Murphys from Germantown, MD
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