Branch Sample Kit

Our goal is for you to find your perfect Balsam Hill™ Christmas tree in the comfort of your own home without any holiday shopping hassle. For those of you who would like the opportunity to view samples of our products in person before you purchase your new tree, we are pleased to offer our exclusive Branch Sample Kit.

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Large Branch Sample Kit
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Customers love the Branch Sample Kit
Not just a sample box but fun in a box
This sample box is great to help decide on the future tree of there dreams. So many branches to look at and feel I was amazed at the quality. I'm having a hard time picking one branch to become my new tree, I think it is time for a tree in each room.
—Nee Nee's Crazy from Aquadale, NC
Worth it!!
This set was extremely helpful in deciding on which tree to purchase. Some branches are more delicate, others are stronger, there are so many different greens as well and seeing all together was a huge help. Definitely recommend.
—Mommy Of Two from Penfield, NY
A must have
We were torn between 3 distinct trees. Buying this sample box made the buying choice and decision so much easier and eliminated any possible "Oh I didn't think it would be so (green, needles so short)" type problems.
—Fred from Jacksonville, FL
One-time purchase well worth the effort
While the cost of trees are not cheap, having the sample enabled us to make a decision of what we wanted vs. cost. The cost of the sample can be applied against the tree purchase so if you are certain of purchasing, the cost works out to $0.
—Daniel from Colorado Springs, CO
How you chose your tree
The branches help you to figure out what tree is best for you. The utter realness of them is astonishing and can make choosing difficult. If one is unsure about the Balsam Hill trees, then I highly recommend purchasing this to find your tree.
—Steven67 from Westbury, NY
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