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    Country Farm Fir

    Create a charming farmhouse look with mini fir Christmas trees. Set in wooden crates, they're an easy way to add a warm ambience anywhere.
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    Note that the height includes pot.
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    The Country Farm Fir is composed of abundant lifelike foliage crafted for unsurpassed realism. Crafted from flame-retardant materials and free of tree related allergens.

    Country Farm Fir by Balsam Hill Foliage
    Branch Detail
    Dense mix of classic and lifelike needles set on natural brown branches
    Topiary Tree
    Full silhouette with layered branches for a classic, elegant look
    Industry-leading lights

    Our Country Farm Fir is offered pre-lit with energy-efficient clear LED lights.

    Professionally Hand-Strung
    UL® approved lights are professionally hand-strung to reduce the appearance of wires.
    Shaping your Tree
    1. With each branch, separate out the individual tips and angle them out and away from the center of the tree.
    2. Angle the tips furthest back on the branch and sideways out from the branch to resemble a peacock's fanned tail when shaped.
    3. Shape the branches vertically upward as much as possible to give the tree its full appearance. Enjoy your Balsam Hill™ tree!
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