Using fresh greenery is one of the easiest ways to infuse your home with holiday spirit. Their natural beauty and signature fragrance create a festive atmosphere that’s perfect for the season. Learn how to keep fresh wreaths and garlands vibrant with our how-to guide.

How Long Does Fresh Greenery Last?

Group of fresh garlands with red berries against a wooden background


The longevity depends on a few factors, including location, light level, moisture in the air, and temperature. Fresh garlands and wreaths can last 4 to 6 weeks, and up to 8 weeks in cooler climates. Where they’re displayed and how you take care of them can also affect their lifespan, so keep these considerations in mind.

How To Keep a Wreath and Garland From Drying Out

Group of fresh holiday wreaths on wood table


Keep wreaths and garlands fresh-looking by regulating their moisture levels and controlling their exposure to the elements. Follow the tips below to maintain the vibrancy of your wreaths and garlands.

Store Fresh Greenery in a Cool Place

If you’ve noticed fresh blooms displayed in large chillers or refrigerators in flower shops, it’s because the lower temperature helps slow down the wilting process. The same principle applies when considering how to preserve the beauty of fresh wreaths and garlands. Store them in the refrigerator or place them in a cool area like your basement prior to use.

Gently Mist the Foliage

A misting sprayer disperses droplets of water evenly, giving your foliage that healthy and gleaming look. Lightly mist the backsides of your wreaths and garlands to keep them looking their best. However, we don’t recommend this for anything with magnolia leaves as it may cause spotting.

Keep Away From Heat

Exposure to heat and sunlight can cause fresh foliage to fade and dry out. Keep fresh wreaths and garlands green by choosing your display areas well. Avoid putting them close to heat vents, large windows, or in direct sunlight. If you’re hanging them outdoors, pick a shaded area like a covered porch or patio to shield it from the sun.

We hope these tips on how to care for fresh garlands and wreaths help keep your holiday greenery remain beautiful and lush throughout the season. Visit the Balsam Hill website to browse our collection of fresh Christmas greenery.



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