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Fresh and Preserved Christmas Greenery: Limited Time Only

Bring holiday cheer to your home with Balsam Hill's fresh Christmas wreaths and preserved Christmas greenery. We offer a range of natural wreaths and garlands to help you create festive spaces for the season. Keep reading to learn more about these classic Christmas foliage and how you can decorate with them.

How Do You Use Fresh Greenery for Christmas?

Here are some ways you can decorate with fresh or preserved Christmas wreaths and garlands.

  1. Entryway – Hang fresh Christmas greenery on your porch and front door to create a warm welcome. You can also display wreaths on your window by hanging them on the center, leaving at least four inches of space on both sides.
  2. Bedroom – Sleep or wake up to a dreamy holiday scene with fresh Christmas garlands draped over your headboard or laid on top of your dresser. To tie up the theme, place natural elements like pinecones and cinnamon sticks in a jewelry dish or clear glass bowl on your vanity or shelf.
  3. Tablescape – Set the scene for your Christmas Eve feast with a preserved or fresh garland on the table in place of a runner. Arrange candles in varying heights to add light and movement. To complete the theme, hang smaller wreaths on the back of each chair.

How Long Do Preserved Christmas Greenery Last?

Preserved Christmas wreaths and garlands are treated with a special solution that allows them to look fresh year after year. With proper care and storage, they will last for many seasons. If using outdoors, we recommend displaying them for up to three months per year to prolong their beauty.

Is Balsam Hill's Fresh Christmas Greenery Worth It?

Learn what makes our fresh Christmas wreaths and garlands different from other retailers:

  • Freshest foliage – Our boughs and trees go from our farm to coolers as efficiently as possible. This is to make sure that you receive newly harvested greenery for your Christmas décor.
  • Premium quality – Some of our real wreaths and garlands come from trees grown in the nutrient-soil around Mount St. Helens. These particular evergreens have a unique deep-blue color, dense needles, and longer shelf-life than other Christmas wreaths on the market.
  • Natural scents – Our fresh wreaths, garlands, and other greenery have a distinct fresh scent, making them perfect for setting the mood during the holidays.
  • Organic shape – Hand-crafted with natural vine, our fresh garlands and wreaths don’t need to be shaped or fluffed upon unboxing. Simply take them out of their package, then decorate to your heart's content.
  • Requires minimal care – Our real Christmas greenery don’t need much maintenance, giving you more time to spend time with loved ones. To last longer, mist as needed and keep away from direct sunlight or heat when used indoors.

Elevate your holiday décor with Balsam Hill’s selection of fresh Christmas decorations. Visit the Resource Center for more decorating tips and sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications on our latest promotions, sales, and new arrivals.

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