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Decorated Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Bring the outdoors into your home with Balsam Hill’s year-round wreaths and garlands. Let the vivid foliage and embellishments elevate your décor no matter the season.

Can you hang a wreath all year-round?

Use Balsam Hill’s high-quality artificial greeneries to create a festive atmosphere for special occasions. Hang year-round front door wreaths and garlands for as long as three months at a time on your front door and porch provided, they’re outdoor-safe. For decorating indoors, hang them all throughout the year.

We craft our foliage with the same attention to detail as we do our artificial Christmas trees. If you’re looking for low-maintenance decorations, these lifelike greeneries are ideal. Unlike their real counterparts, they don’t dry out and require less time and effort to arrange. We offer pre-decorated options that feature accents like mixed berries, flowers, and ribbons. Also, many of our designs come as a set for a cohesive look.

What are the benefits of decorating with all year-round wreaths?

  • Elegance for Every Season

    Artificial wreaths and garlands have evolved from being just Christmas decorations to home décor staples. Nowadays, decorating with floral wreaths for spring and summer are a common practice. Meanwhile, fall leaves and pumpkins are popular fall foliage accents during Thanksgiving and Halloween.

  • Pops of Color

    Wherever you hang them, they function as pops of color in any space. For a coordinated look, embellish your wreath with faux flowers, picks, and ribbons that match the room’s color scheme.

  • Natural Elements in Décor

    You don’t need to have a green thumb to want natural elements in your décor. A simple plant, or in this case, a decorative wreath gives your space a fresh atmosphere.

How can I decorate with wreaths all year-round?

  • Front Door

    A customary practice is to hang wreaths and garlands on your front door. Transform Christmas foliage into home décor for any season with simple tweaks. For instance, remove christmas ribbons and other accents and replace them with florals for spring or pumpkins for fall.

  • Wall Art

    Turn your wreath into art with a spare picture frame or chalkboard. Choose the right frame to go with the room’s decorating theme. For a more playful vibe, use a chalkboard. First, hang your frame or chalkboard, then center your wreath with adhesive hooks. Use garlands as trim to complement your framed foliage.

  • Lantern Accent

    Placing a traditional lantern on your front porch creates a cozy ambiance. Place it in the center of a wreath for a striking display. The soft glow of candlelight and the greenery’s vibrant color and texture make an enchanting display. For safety, use Balsam Hill’s Miracle Flame candles.

  • Chandelier Trim

    Add flair to parties and special occasions by decorating your chandelier with lightweight year-round garlands. Use a nylon fishing line to attach them to the metal frame. Position garlands carefully so they’re not too close to the light bulbs. Other options are shatterproof crystal ornaments, ribbons, or even clear christmas lights. Your chandelier is meant to be an elegant conversation piece.

  • Tablescape Trimmings

    Reusing christmas wreaths and garlands in your tablescape is one way of creating a charming display with minimal effort. For an eye-catching birthday centerpiece, place a wreath underneath a cake stand. Add flower picks around the cake or scatter faux leaves along the center of the table to complement your wreath.

Browse our selection of year-round wreaths and garlands or request a catalog.