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Slim Christmas Trees

Slim artificial Christmas trees add a festive touch to your holiday décor while making the most of limited spaces. Our skinny artificial Christmas trees have the same elegance as our full-shaped ones, so you can create stunning centerpieces even in small homes.

What is the Best Slim Christmas Tree?

The best slim tree helps you save on space without compromising on appearance. Balsam Hill’s narrow Christmas trees allow you to bring the full holiday charm to compact areas. Some of our narrow artificial trees feature our True Needle® technology to mimic the look and feel of real evergreens, while Classic PVC needles add fullness.

You can also brighten up your display with an artificial pre-lit slim Christmas tree. Some of our slim Christmas trees with lights include Easy Plug® technology for quick assembly. The light connections are pre-made inside the patented trunk, so you only need to plug it into a nearby power outlet. Our innovative Flip Trees®, on the other hand, lets you set within minutes. You just need to roll the tree base into place, flip the bottom part, then attach the treetop.

What is the Best Way to Decorate a Slim Christmas Tree?

The slender profile of our artificial slim trees complements a variety of styles and themes. Here are some things to keep in mind when decorating compact trees:

  • Consider Proportions

    Our skinny Christmas trees have layered branches and long tips ideal for hanging your ornaments. When placing decorations, make sure to leave ample space between each piece. The key is to hang your smaller ornaments near the top of the tree, and the bigger ones toward the bottom. Avoid over-decorating or using ornaments that aren’t proportionate to the tree’s narrow frame.

  • Display Statement Pieces

    Choose decorations that bring visual impact. Display your heirloom pieces or one-of-a-kind keepsakes you’ve collected over the years. You can also create a unique canvas by using family photos as ornaments or incorporating handcrafted pieces.

  • Coordinate Your Gift Wrapping

    Think of the presents underneath your narrow tree as an extension of your décor. Wrap gifts in designs that match or complement your tree’s ornaments. If you have colorful Christmas tree décor, choose gift wrapping in neutral shades for balance. For a monochromatic theme, wrap gifts in the same palette or a contrasting color for added interest.

  • Display Multiple Trees

    Balsam Hill’s slim trees are a great choice if you’re planning to decorate with more than one tree. Elevate your Christmas decorating this year with a tree in the foyer, living room, and dining room. Beautiful on their own, our tall skinny Christmas trees look just as striking in pairs flanking your entryway or fireplace mantel. Make a statement with several skinny pre-lit Christmas trees in place of a full-shaped tree.

Browse our selection of slim artificial Christmas trees that come in a range of heights and lighting options. Shop Balsam Hill for Christmas tree decorations and accessories to complete your holiday look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of a slim artificial Christmas tree?

Slim artificial Christmas trees are a great choice for smaller spaces, as they take up less room while still providing a full, lush look. They also require less storage space when not in use.

Are slim artificial Christmas trees realistic looking?

Yes, slim artificial Christmas trees are designed to look as lifelike as their fuller counterparts, with realistic-looking needles and branches. Some types also come pre-lit to instantly provide a warm, inviting glow.

What is the best slim christmas tree from Balsam Hill?

Here are a few of Balsam Hill's most popular slim trees: Silverado Slim, Alpine Balsam Fir, Red Spruce Slim, and Sonoma Slim.

What is the difference between a slim tree and a pencil tree?

While both pencil trees and slim trees are designed to fit in small spaces, pencil trees are typically narrower and taller than slim trees. Additionally, a pencil tree has a very narrow, cylindrical shape meant to resemble a real pencil. A slim tree has a more natural shape, with branches that are spaced farther apart to give a more open, airy, and organic look.

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