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Flat Back Artificial Christmas Trees

Spread Christmas cheer to every corner of your holiday home with beautiful flat back and corner artificial Christmas trees. This collection of space saving trees features lifelike half Christmas trees that are ideal for apartments and smaller rooms.

A Space Saver

Designed specifically to fit into small spaces, our flat back and corner artificial Christmas trees have the same lifelike quality of our full trees. Rich, green foliage provides you the perfect backdrop for ornaments and gifts without taking up too much space. Our flatback Christmas trees can rest easily against the wall, creating the illusion of a full tree when viewed from the front. This is the same trick used in television and movie sets, and our flatback trees have in fact been featured as part of similar displays.

The Perfect Fit

Our corner artificial Christmas trees are quarter wedges of our traditional full trees. Two flat sides fit seamlessly into a corner, giving your room a complete holiday look while taking up just a fraction of floor space. Composed of the same exclusive True Needle™ tips, these corner artificial Christmas trees exude lifelike realism just like our full trees. These trees are also pre-lit with premium clear lights that bring instant charm and cheer to your home.

Don’t miss out on the holiday celebrations just because of limited space. Bring the full Christmas experience into your home with our flat back and corner artificial Christmas trees. Browse our exclusive collection of lifelike artificial Christmas trees and inspired décor for your home at Balsam Hill today.