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Christmas Tree Skirts, Tree Collars, and Christmas Tree Stands

Dress up your tree with a tree collar or skirt, or an elegant Christmas tree stand for the perfect backdrop for presents.

Find Your Perfect Tree Skirts, Collars and Stands

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  • 36" - 48" (14)
    Best fits trees with widths between 30” and 42”
  • 54" - 60" (26)
    Best fits trees with widths between 42” and 54”
  • 70" - 72" (23)
    Best fits trees with widths between 54” and 64”
  • 84" (8)
    Best fits trees with widths between 64” and 76”
  • Red (32)
  • White (35)
  • Gold (3)
  • Silver (2)
  • Blue (5)
  • Other (16)
  • Circle (65)
  • Scalloped (8)
  • metal (1)
  • wood (2)
  • Velvet (12)
  • Plush (20)
  • Faux Silk (11)
  • Faux Fur (11)
  • Cotton (4)
  • Other (19)
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  • Quilted (20)
  • Beaded (11)
  • Reversible (10)
  • Embroidered (9)
  • Under $60 (2)
  • $60 - $99 (23)
  • $100 - $200 (34)
  • Over $200 (30)
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Create the perfect setting for gift-giving with Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree skirts, collars, or stands. Let these elegant pieces add flair to your holiday centerpiece.

What is a Christmas tree skirt?

It’s a piece of fabric placed underneath a Christmas tree. Its practical purpose is to conceal the tree stand and protect gifts from dust and dirt. Aside from this, it’s an accessory that ties in the tree decorating theme by providing a more festive and sophisticated look to your holiday display. Take your pick from Balsam Hill’s tree skirts that come in different styles and textures:

Velvet, Faux Fur, and Felt

Accentuate your holiday display with tree skirts made from velvet, faux fur, or felt. Velvet elevates your décor with its luxurious look and feel. Felt is a versatile material that’s perfect for classic Christmas decorating themes. Faux fur, on the other hand, is a plush textile that conveys warmth.

Consider the Lodge Faux Fur Tree Skirt for your Christmas tree. Pair it with our exquisite ornament sets for a rustic elegance motif.

We recommend using a tree skirt with a diameter that is six inches more than the width of your holiday centerpiece. This ensures coverage of your tree stand and gives you enough space for laying out your presents.

Embroidered, Quilted, and Fringed

Let an embroidered, quilted, or fringed tree skirt serve as the starting point for your decorating theme. For example, use a fringed tree skirt to capture the spirit of the Roaring Twenties. Extend this to the rest of your Christmas tree with metallic or glass ornaments and beaded garlands. To complete this statement piece, arrange a handful of synthetic ostrich feathers to serve as your tree topper.

For a theme inspired by the rich traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch, decorate with a quilted tree skirt. Elaborate details such as wedding ring stitches in metallic gold thread make it heirloom-worthy.

What can I use instead of a Christmas tree skirt?

In place of Christmas skirts for trees, use tree stands and tree collars. These chic alternatives come in stylish designs. Have a look at Balsam Hill’s selection for your holiday display.

Christmas Tree Stands

Give your holiday centerpiece a strong foundation with our decorative Christmas tree stands. They ensure your tree stays upright while adding a beautiful finishing touch to it. Some include wheels for easy maneuvering and come in designs like barrels and crates.

Go for a glittery snow tree stand to complete your vision of a white Christmas. Use it with a flocked Christmas tree to transform your space into a wintry scene. Add frosted tree picks to complete the look.

Christmas Tree Collars

Make a chic statement with a Christmas tree collar. This decorative item is like a necklace for your tree stand. They wrap around the base and come in detachable sections that are hinged for easy set-up and storage. Choose from a variety of material, such as wood, woven fibers, and metal.

Create a rustic holiday look with a Woven Tree Collar. Made from cattail fibers, this natural beauty provides a quaint backdrop to your Christmas presents. To match, wrap your gifts in neutral-colored material like burlap, kraft paper, or linen. Instead of ribbon, use twine and top them with sprigs of dried flowers.

Set a memorable backdrop for your holiday celebrations with Christmas tree skirts, collars, and stands. Shop Balsam Hill for premium holiday accessories and other decorations.