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Christmas Tree Skirts, Tree Collars, and Christmas Tree Stands

Dress up your tree with a tree collar or skirt, or an elegant Christmas tree stand for the perfect backdrop for presents.

Find Your Perfect Tree Skirts, Collars and Stands

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  • 36" - 48" (14)
    Best fits trees with widths between 30” and 42”
  • 54" - 60" (24)
    Best fits trees with widths between 42” and 54”
  • 70" - 72" (21)
    Best fits trees with widths between 54” and 64”
  • 84" (8)
    Best fits trees with widths between 64” and 76”
  • Red (29)
  • White (31)
  • Gold (3)
  • Silver (2)
  • Blue (5)
  • Other (16)
  • Circle (61)
  • Scalloped (8)
  • wood (2)
  • Velvet (12)
  • Plush (20)
  • Faux Silk (11)
  • Faux Fur (11)
  • Cotton (4)
  • Other (15)
Special Features
  • Quilted (20)
  • Beaded (11)
  • Reversible (10)
  • Embroidered (5)
  • Under $60 (9)
  • $60 - $99 (30)
  • $100 - $200 (38)
  • Over $200 (8)
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Balsam Hill’s selection of Christmas tree skirts are available in a range of styles and designs to fit any decorating theme. Keep reading to learn more about what makes them great holiday accessories and which ones are right for you.

What is a Christmas Tree Skirt?

A Christmas tree skirt is a circular fabric placed at the base of the tree to hide the stand and wires. In the earlier days, tree skirts were used to catch fallen needles and candlewax drips. Today, they serve both a practical and decorative purpose as they can also complement the look of your Christmas tree décor.

How Big Should Your Christmas Tree Skirt Be?

How big your tree skirt should be depends on the height and width of your tree, as well as how much coverage you prefer. As a rule of thumb, we recommend choosing a skirt that’s at least 6 inches bigger than the diameter of your tree at the widest points. Below are our recommendations based on the sizes we offer at the Balsam Hill website:

  • Small Christmas Tree Skirts

Our 18-inch tree skirts are perfect for tabletop trees, while 24 to 36-inch ones are ideal for 4 to 5-foot Christmas trees. These smaller skirts are stylish and add a festive flair to your tree without taking up too much space.

  • Medium Christmas Tree Skirts

A 48 to 60-inch tree skirt is best if your tree is around 6 to 7.5-feet tall. Our medium-sized skirts are big enough to hide the stand and leave space for presents. These are perfect for trees displayed in rooms with standard 9-foot ceilings.

  • Large Christmas Tree Skirts

Choose an 84-inch or 72-inch tree skirt for bigger trees measuring 8 to 14-foot tall. These are trees usually set in rooms with vaulted ceilings or hotel lobbies that feature a grand holiday display.

Do You Need a Christmas Tree Skirt?

While Christmas skirts for trees aren’t necessary, they help tie the look of your tree décor together. They provide an elegant backdrop for gifts while keeping the unsightly stand and wires away from view. If you have a real tree, a tree skirt can also catch falling needles so you don’t have to constantly sweep the area under the tree.

What Can I Use Instead of a Christmas Tree Skirt?

If you’re looking for alternatives, a Christmas tree collar is a popular option. This decorative item is like a necklace for your tree stand. Tree collars wrap around the base and come in detachable sections that are hinged for easy set-up and storage. Choose from a variety of materials, such as wood, woven fibers, and metal. You can also use decorative Christmas tree stands in place of a tree skirt, just make sure they can accommodate the pole of your tree. Baskets or wooden crates are also great options, as are household items such as blankets and throws.

Can You Wash a Christmas Tree Skirt?

We don’t recommend washing your tree skirts especially if they’re adorned with beads, appliques, sequins, and other decorative accents. Hand or machine-washing may cause the glue or stitching to come apart and damage the fabric. Unless otherwise specified, we only recommend spot-cleaning your Christmas tree skirt.

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