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Christmas Candles, Holders and Scents

Come home to a place of comfort and charm with Balsam Hill's thoughtfully crafted Christmas candles and candle holders. When combined with refreshing Christmas scents, our holiday candles create a festive yet warm ambience in any room.

Why Is a Candle a Symbol of Christmas?

Candles and Christmas have become inextricably linked throughout the ages, for various cultural and spiritual reasons. Early celebrators of the holiday used to light candles during the winter solstice, to welcome the promise of spring. Later, Christians began commemorating the birth of Jesus with a lit Christmas candle to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem.

Many cultures also traditionally placed glowing candles on their windowsills to celebrate the holiday season. Until the advent of electric lights, people used real candles on Christmas trees. Today, Christmas candles are used to honor these traditions while also creating a festive and cozy atmosphere.

How Do I Decorate With Christmas Candles?

Choose between real Christmas candles made of wax or their flameless version that use LED lights. Wax candles give a distinct glow and add warmth to any room, and their scented variations also help heighten the cozy ambience. However, you must always observe caution when using real candles, especially around flammable items, children, and pets.

Meanwhile, Balsam Hill's Miracle Flame candles mimic the flicker and glow of real candlelight, without the mess of dripping wax or the hazard of an open flame. These innovative LED candles are battery-powered for longer use and come with a remote control for added convenience.

Explore these easy tips to brighten up indoor and outdoor areas with Christmas candles and holders:

  • Create a Welcoming Ambience

    Light the way to your front door with outdoor flameless candles. Line them up along pathways or porch steps to greet guests with a warm welcome. Flameless pillar candles are ideal for exterior spaces as they stay lit even when it's windy. Indoors, display groupings of candles in different sizes on the console table in your foyer or near stairways for an enchanting glow. Add festive wreaths and garlands to complement the holiday season.

  • Elevate the Living Room and Lounging Areas

    Cozy up the spaces where people usually gather. Set LED Christmas candles in candle holders and position them on the fireplace mantel or on top of the coffee table in the living room. For a unique touch, consider using artificial foliage like faux flowers, wreaths, or garlands as Christmas candle decorations. For a classic Christmas tree display, use LED Christmas tree candles and watch your ornaments glitter and glow in the light.

  • Set the Scene in the Dining Room

    Create memorable holiday gatherings with elegant tablescapes. Christmas candles in glass holders are versatile pieces that will complement your table setting no matter the theme. Place each candle separately along the length of the dining table or group them together at the center. For more intimate gatherings, switch off your main lights and let Christmas window candles spread warmth from the windowsill throughout the room.

  • Add a Relaxing Glow to Bedrooms and Bathrooms

    With their soft flickering radiance, candles can make personal spaces look more comfortable and inviting. Enhance your bedroom's mood lighting with flameless candles on top of dressing tables or side tables. In the bathroom, arrange a few candles beside the sink to recreate the soothing atmosphere of a luxury spa.

    During the Christmas season, add a touch of holiday cheer in guest bathrooms with a candle in a festive Christmas candle holder. Small potted arrangements featuring seasonal foliage will complete the look.

  • How Do I Make My House Smell Like Christmas?

    Aside from holiday scented candles, you can capture that nostalgic Christmas tree scent with a fragrance diffuser. Complete the welcoming atmosphere with our Scents of the Season™ fragrance machine and scent cartridges. We offer a wide range of fragrance oils to bring you a full holiday experience - from the aromas of freshly cut evergreens to the signature spices of the season.

    Set the stage for extraordinary moments with Balsam Hill's wax and flameless Christmas candles, candle holders, and seasonal scents. Shop premium Christmas décor and other festive accents on our website today.

Visit our Resource Center for more Christmas decorating tips and ideas. Request a catalog to find design inspiration and be the first to know about our latest offerings.