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Best-Selling Artificial Christmas Trees

Make your holiday season memorable with Balsam Hill’s best-selling artificial christmas trees. These lush and lifelike centerpieces add timeless elegance to your spaces. We have the best price on artificial Christmas trees. Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your decorating needs.

Who Sells the Best Artificial Christmas Trees?

As the main symbol of the holidays, we believe it gives joy beyond decorating. Thus, the best Christmas trees to buy are not just beautiful but built to last. They also have features designed for ease of use and convenience.

When looking for the best price Christmas tree, consider choosing one from Balsam Hill’s selection. Here’s why:

  • Balsam Hill trees offer better value for money than real Christmas trees.

    Real trees may cost less up front, but rarely last the entire season. Their longevity depends on constant maintenance. Balsam Hill’s artificial trees last for years compared to their freshly cut counterparts. We offer realistic trees that closely resemble real evergreens. They’re worthwhile investments that save you time and money.

  • Balsam Hill’s best-selling Christmas trees are the safest alternative.

    Real or poorly made synthetic trees are more prone to catching fire. Our trees are made from fire-retardant materials, making them less of a hazard. Artificial Christmas trees are also good alternatives for those allergic to real evergreen needles.

  • Balsam Hill offers the most realistic artificial christmas trees in the market.

    Many of our best-selling Christmas trees are made from our exclusive True Needle™ foliage. Branches are molded from natural ones to replicate their shape, texture, and color.

  • We value your ease and convenience.

    We’re consistently looking for ways to improve our products and technologies, so you can spend more time celebrating with loved ones. For a quick and simple assembly, explore our easy setup artificial christmas trees selection.

What are the Best Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees?

A pre-lit tree transforms any space into a warm and cheerful holiday scenario. Many of our best-selling artificial trees come equipped with exclusive Easy Plug™ technology, where strings are automatically connected within the trunk, allowing you to light up your tree with a single plug. Choose from lighting options like the classic glow of Clear bulbs to the playful jewel tones of our Twinkly lights.

We also offer different tree shapes to suit the size of your space. Narrow and slim trees are ideal for rooms with a limited floor area. Meanwhile, full ones serve as the focal point of any spacious room.

Designed for quick assembly and easy storage, our new Flip Trees™ feature an upgraded rolling tree stand for ease of mobility. The wheels lock into place to keep your tree steady. Simply flip the bottom section and attach the tree top to complete setup.

Whether you need a tree to spruce up a home office or one for your spacious foyer, Balsam Hill has options to suit your preferences. Shop our selection of bestselling artificial Christmas trees by height, shape, and price. Visit the resource center to get helpful and inspirational information on Christmas trees, greenery, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of buying an artificial Christmas tree?

Here are some of the benefits: They're more cost-effective since you don't have to buy and discard them every year. They're more convenient because there's no upkeep required unlike a real Christmas tree. They're easy to assemble, take down, and store. They're non-allergenic and flame-retardant.

What are the best-selling artificial Christmas trees?

Balsam Hill offers a wide selection of best-selling artificial Christmas trees, including the BH Fraser Fir, BH Noble Fir, and BH Balsam Fir. Each of these trees is crafted with realistic details and lifelike foliage to create a beautiful holiday display.

Who has the best artificial Christmas trees?

Balsam Hill has the best artificial Christmas trees on the market. Aside from our trees' stunning realism, we also offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, lighting, and set-up options to suit every style and space.

What features do Balsam Hill's artificial Christmas trees offer?

Balsam Hill's artificial Christmas trees feature realistic details, such as lifelike foliage and natural-looking branches. They also come pre-lit with energy-efficient LED lights, so you can enjoy a festive display without the hassle of stringing lights.