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    The world has changed dramatically over the past month, and in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, I’m so grateful to see all the ways that people are coming together. Whether it is my colleagues putting up Christmas décor to cheer up their neighborhoods or seeing friends commandeer 3D printers at empty schools to print and construct face shields – we as a world community are pitching in to help.

    While we have already found some ways to help in our local communities, we’ve been thinking about bigger ways that we can use Balsam Hill’s resources to help. Our answer is Balsam Provisions.

    Each year, we deliver tens of thousands of our Christmas trees and décor items to customers around the country. Since the holiday season is our busiest time of year, right now we have extra capacity. So, we’re temporarily repurposing some of our existing warehouses and delivery infrastructure to ship household essentials to customer’s doorsteps across the United States.

    In order to take pressure off the strained grocery store supply chain, we are partnering with restaurant suppliers to make their goods available to you in bulk or warehouse sizes.

    By delivering these products from restaurant suppliers to those in need, we can move idle goods into the marketplace and also help you avoid going out to stores. This is especially important for at-risk individuals, to help minimize their exposure to infection.

    Our goal in this effort is to be consistent with our company values, which include “doing the right thing.” As such, we are not trying to profit from this service. In the interest of supporting our communities during this time, we will be donating any profits from this venture to charities that support those in need.