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    Beautifully Crafted

    Christmas Trees

    Bring home the wonder and joy of the season
    with a tree so realistic it’s magical.

    Inspired by Nature

    Our exclusive True Needle™ foliage is modeled after
    real evergreen branches to beautifully replicate
    nature’s design.

    Featured branches (clockwise from top left):
    BH Balsam Fir, Vermont White Spruce, Colorado
    Mountain Spruce
    , BH Noble Fir, Norway Spruce

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    The True Needle™ Process

    How we replicate nature with precision.
    1. Our founder studies and photographs trees in their natural environment. We refrigerate real branch specimens at our manufacturing facility and reference them in the development process.
    1. 3D branch prototypes are refined until they look just like nature. We use the final prototypes to make production molds and optimize each mold to remove the slightest imperfections.
    1. Branches are color-matched against real specimens, and then dipped, sprayed, and hand-painted to produce the true-to-nature look that defines True Needle foliage.

    The Journey of a Balsam Hill Tree

    Take a peek inside our exclusive process of creating highly realistic trees with our founder, Thomas Harman.

    Choosing a Realism Level for Your Tree

    Most Realistic
    • More than 65% True Needle (PE) foliage for outstanding realism.
    • Incredibly lifelike whether viewed from 30 feet or 3 inches away with Classic Needle (PVC) foliage used near the trunk to enhance fullness.
    • A mix of True Needle (PE) and Classic Needle (PVC) foliage, balancing realism and budget.
    • True Needle branches compose the more visible exterior of the tree, while Classic Needles form a lush, full interior.
    • Our most cost-effective trees with 100% Classic Needle (PVC) foliage.
    • Only top-quality Classic Needle for high needle density, reduced shedding, and rich color that won’t fade.

    "The BH Fraser Fir is breathtakingly beautiful and realistic. I have gotten many compliments,
    and find myself thinking, 'why did I wait so long.' Once you purchase one of Balsam Hill's
    realistic trees, you won't settle for anything less."
    Pgh Lew from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Owner of the BH Fraser Fir Tree

    Setup Made Simple

    Quick and easy setup means Balsam Hill trees save
    you time for what matters most.

    Featuring the BH Balsam Fir Flip Tree™

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    No Sweat Setup & Storage

    Our exclusive Flip Tree is engineered for ultimate convenience.
    Roll & Flip Setup
    No more heavy lifting—just wheel the tree base
    into place on a built-in rolling stand, flip it over,
    and attach the smaller treetop.
    Effortless Lighting
    Easy Plug light strings connect through the trunk
    so that the only plug you need to touch is the one
    that goes into the wall.
    Convenient Storage
    Simply remove the treetop and flip the base back
    over. Slip the included cover over the tree and roll
    it into storage. Tree stores upright, saving space.

    Flip Trees in Action

    Watch how our exclusive Flip Tree transitions from storage to display in seconds.

    Additional Easy Setup Options

    Pre-fluffed Trees
    Each tree is individually hand-shaped by
    professionals prior to shipping. Strong memory wire
    branches fan out as you set up, so fluffing takes less
    time. All Pre-Fluffed trees come with Easy Plug.
    Easy Plug Trees
    Our innovative lighting system features pre-
    connected light strands through the trunk, so the only
    plug you need is the one that goes into the wall.
    Included on all pre-lit Flip and Pre-Fluffed trees.

    "After unpacking the tree, I flipped the base over and plugged it in. WOW! Even without any
    fluffing this is one great looking tree. I added the top piece and there it was, our new tree."
    Greg from Ottawa, Canada, Owner of the BH Balsam Fir Flip Tree

    Crafted with Care

    We thoughtfully refined all of the standard tree features—and
    then we added a few more to surprise and delight.

    Sleek Connection
    Easy Plug technology connects
    light strings inside the trunk
    limiting the appearance of wires.
    Artful Foliage Design
    True Needle foliage forms a highly
    realistic exterior with Classic Needles
    placed inside for fullness.
    Scratch-proof Stand
    Rubber feet help keep floors clean
    and beautiful.
    Strong Top Tip
    Reinforced top branch keeps
    angels upright and stars secure.
    Perfect Glow
    Professionally hand-strung lights
    are evenly spaced providing an
    optimal warm glow.
    Hassle-free Setup
    Hinged branches fold out for
    easy setup and back in for
    simple storage.
    Soft cotton gloves for fluffing
    Storage bag/s for the off-season
    Extra bulbs & fuses
    3-Year Warranty on all
    non-clearance trees
    Free Shipping
    On all orders within the
    contiguous USA

    The Perfect Fit

    From quaint cabins to grand entry halls, we have the right tree
    for your space.
    Shop by Height
    Choose a tree that is 6 inches shorter than your ceiling or 18
    inches shorter if using a tree topper.
    Shop by Shape
    Choose a full tree for open areas or a slim tree
    for tight spaces.

    Light up your holidays

    Choose from a variety of professionally hand-strung
    lighting options, from LEDs to incandescent bulbs.

    Featuring the Vermont White Spruce
    with LED Color + Clear Lights

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    Benefits of a Balsam Hill Pre-lit Tree

    Thoughtfully placed and evenly
    spaced lights with minimal
    appearance of wires.
    Optimized bulb
    Exclusive filament and
    LED tones cast a warm, candle-
    like glow.
    Easy Plug
    Avoid tangles with pre-connected
    light strings inside the trunk.
    Available on most trees.
    Longer lasting
    Incandescent bulbs last over
    3,300 hours and LEDs won't ever
    burn out.

    Warm Led Lighting

    Our specially designed clear Candlelight™ LEDs and multicolor Classic Color™ LEDs provide energy
    efficiency and a soft holiday glow.
    Balsam Hill Candlelight LED™
    Competitor's regular white LED
    Exclusive LED Color + Clear™ Lighting
    Our LED Color + Clear remote-controlled lighting system offers three
    options in one. Select clear lights for an enchanting glow, multicolor
    for a festive mood, or select both for a showstopper.
    Each tree is strung with both clear and colored strands, offering at
    least 30% more lights than our standard pre-lit options.
    "The ability to switch from clear, to multi, and to both lights is perfect. You can change the mood of
    the tree and the room in an instant."
    Sharon from Barefoot Bay, Florida, Owner of the LED Color + Clear™
    Norway Spruce Narrow Tree
    Led Pre-lit Trees
    Energy saving, extended lifetime, traditional warm glow.
    Incandescent Pre-lit Trees
    Traditional Christmas lights that last 3,300 hours or more.
    Prefer to string your own lights? Shop our unlit trees.

    A Decade Of Holidays With Balsam Hill

    The only thing we love more than spreading Christmas cheer is learning how Balsam Hill inspires
    special moments with family and friends. As we celebrate more than 10 years together, we want to
    share a few favorite memories from some of our very first customers.

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    Need Help Getting Started?

    Balsam Hill is home of the most realistic artificial Christmas trees and seasonal home décor. – The Doctors


    Make your holiday celebrations more meaningful with Balsam Hill’s true-to-nature artificial Christmas trees. We design our Christmas trees with thoughtful details, prioritizing convenience and longevity for a holiday centerpiece you can enjoy season after season. We’re committed to providing you with the best artificial Christmas trees that suit your style and space with various foliage types, sizes, shapes, and setup options.

    Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Which is Better?

    While many love the natural beauty of real Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees have gained much popularity in recent years. This is because today’s best Christmas trees have become more realistic and easier to set up than ever before. Here are some benefits of artificial Christmas trees:

    • Convenience

    Real Christmas trees require cutting, mounting, watering, and cleaning up of fallen needles. Meanwhile, artificial Christmas trees present the opposite. Balsam Hill artificial Christmas trees offer you the convenience of an easier setup and upkeep, as you and your family enjoy a beautiful tree all season.

    • Safety

    A real Christmas tree may cause allergies to some, and its dried needles are also prone to catch fire from open flames or damaged electrical lights. Artificial Christmas trees from Balsam Hill are made with synthetic materials that are non-allergenic and flame-retardant. This ensures that you’ll have a safe and worry-free holiday display for everyone to delight in.

    • Variety

    Local tree lots only carry certain Christmas tree species native to their specific region. As the holidays draw near, the most popular types can run out fast. The beauty of Balsam Hill artificial Christmas trees is that they’re designed after real evergreen species found in different parts of the world. This allows you to decorate with the Christmas tree of your choice no matter where you are, whenever you wish.

    • Cost-Effectiveness

    While real Christmas trees initially cost less than artificial ones, investing in an artificial Christmas tree will save you more money in the long run. As prices of real trees increase through the years, getting an artificial Christmas tree is the more practical choice with benefits you can take advantage of for years to come.

    Which is the Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree?

    Balsam Hill’s Most Realistic Christmas Trees are those that closely resemble fir, spruce, or pine tree species found in nature. We craft our most realistic trees with at least 65% of our patented True Needle foliage for utmost realism. This technology involves injection-molded needles designed to mimic the structure, texture, and color variations of real tree branches.

    The BH Fraser Fir® is our most realistic Christmas tree to date. It features 40 different tip variations, which is the most we’ve ever created for any of our trees. From its five-split forked tips, rich green needles with silver undersides, full silhouette, and organic treetop, we’ve made every effort to make it look and feel like the real thing.

    Some of our most realistic Christmas trees include the Aspen Estate Fir™ which features a lush profile and downswept silhouette; the Calistoga Ornament Tree™ which has a distinct, sparse and tiered profile to prominently display your ornaments; and our well-loved BH Balsam Fir™ which features a full, teardrop shape and upward-sloping branches.

    When Should You Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree?

    Balsam Hill’s best deals on artificial Christmas trees are offered many times throughout the year. From post-Christmas clearance to special occasions leading up to the holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can take advantage of several opportunities to get the best price on Christmas trees and seasonal décor.

    Bring joy and beauty to your home with the best artificial Christmas trees from Balsam Hill. Subscribe to our mailing list and be among the first to know about our offers and get design inspiration for the holidays and beyond.

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