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Trees from Branch Sample Kit

Find the perfect holiday centerpiece you would love to display for years to come with the Balsam Hill 25-piece Branch Sample Kit.

What is the Balsam Hill Branch Sample Kit?

A quality artificial Christmas tree is an investment towards making priceless family memories. To help you make the right choice, we’ve created the Branch Sample Kit: a selection of foliage samples from our artificial tree collection to help you find your dream tree. Choose between our 25-piece large Branch Sample Kit for a broad and comprehensive introduction to our Christmas tree varieties, or our 10-piece Branch Sample Kit if you prefer a more streamlined selection of customer-favorite trees.

This allows you to see and feel our lifelike foliage in the comfort of your own home, as well as compare different tree varieties and types to see what suits your personal style and budget the best.

Why Should I Order a Balsam Hill Branch Sample Kit?

Here are several benefits to ordering a Balsam Hill Branch Sample Kit.

  • Find the Perfect Tree Right at Home

    Take your time experiencing the superior quality and realism of Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas trees well ahead and away from the holiday season rush. Find the tree closest to your childhood Christmas tree among the samples or hold up the branches to see which type suits your home’s aesthetic or other existing greenery.

  • Enjoy a Seamless Shopping Experience

    The Branch Sample Kit contains a special QR code. Scan the code to learn more about your chosen artificial tree on our site, including size and lighting options, its specific foliage type, and other useful information.

  • Get the Kit Free with Your Tree Purchase

    Upon purchasing a Branch Sample Kit, you will be given a coupon that credits the cost of the kit towards your eventual tree purchase. Save the code on your Order Confirmation Page and apply it when you next checkout.

What’s Inside the Regular Branch Sample Kit

The 25-pc branch sample kit contains full branches so you can fully appreciate the difference in needle textures, color, and fullness of each tree variety. Here’s what you will find inside, sorted by their level of realism:

  • Most Realistic Christmas trees are mostly made with our award-winning True Needle foliage, making them the most lifelike replicas of their natural counterparts. Samples in the kit include Alpine Balsam Fir®, Aspen Estate Fir®, BH Balsam Fir®, BH Blue Spruce, BH Fraser Fir®, BH Noble Fir®, BH Norway Spruce®, Brewer Spruce, Cathedral Fir®, Colorado Mountain Spruce®, Denali White Christmas Tree®, European Fir®, Grand Canyon Cedar®, Red Spruce Slim®, Sanibel Spruce®, Silverado Slim®, Stratford Spruce®, Vermont White Spruce®, and Yukon Spruce.
  • Realistic Christmas trees use a combination of True Needle foliage with additional PVC needles to strike the balance between realism and affordability. Samples in the kit include California Baby Redwood®, Mariana Spruce®, Rocky Mountain Pine, and Scotch Pine.
  • Traditional Christmas trees are made exclusively of Classic Needle (PVC) foliage for the most budget-friendly option. Samples in the kit include Berkshire Mountain Fir® and Classic Blue Spruce®.

Order a Branch Sample Kit from Balsam Hill today and get one step closer to finding your dream Christmas tree. For more information and product guides, visit our Resource Center.

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