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    Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our exclusive True Needle™ award-winning foliage
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    Realistic trees using a mixture of True Needle™ foliage & classic PVC needles
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    Very affordable trees reflecting Balsam Hill quality made from classic PVC needles
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    Simple charm of evergreen foliage, versatile for any decorating style
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Holiday wreaths and garlands have traditionally been made of evergreen branches and hung on the front door as a welcome symbol. Unlike real foliage that will look fresh only for a limited time, Balsam Hill’s artificial Christmas garlands will add warmth and beauty to your indoor or outdoor dining areas with minimal maintenance.

When Should You Hang Christmas Wreaths and Garlands?

Depending on your preferences and traditions, there are no hard rules to when you should hang Christmas wreaths and garlands. This means that the best time to put up your holiday wreaths and garlands is any time before Christmas.

However, many families choose to hang Christmas wreaths and garlands right after Thanksgiving. This is also the time when people start to set up their Christmas trees. Since families are already gathered, it's the perfect opportunity for everyone to take part in the decorating. This also allows for a smooth transition from fall into Christmas season.

Artificial greenery like Balsam Hill wreaths and garlands allow you to decorate as early as you want without having to worry about wilting or falling needles. You can also take them down after the holidays, and with proper storage, enjoy their beauty for more seasons to come.

Where Do You Hang Christmas Garlands and Wreaths?

Traditionally, artificial Christmas garlands and wreaths are hung on the front door to create a welcoming, festive ambience. A fireplace mantel is also a favorite spot since it makes great focal point in a room.

Artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands come in festive designs with natural accents like pinecones and berries or with christmas tree decorations like ribbons and ornaments to suit any space. Here are some other areas where you can hang artificial wreaths and garlands to brighten your living spaces.

  1. Exterior Windows

The windows on the outside of your house can elevate the look of your home. Crafted with UV protection and weather-resistant materials, Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe artificial christmas wreaths and garlands make it easy for you to decorate these spaces that are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions.

  1. Porch

Apart from decorating the main door, one option is to make a wreath gallery on the porch wall by hanging artificial wreaths in various sizes and designs. Or, suspend them from the ceiling using strings of different lengths. Make your porch an eye-catching sight by running a garland along the roof or railing.

  1. Patio

The patio is a popular entertaining spot so it’s a good idea to spruce it up. Decorate this al fresco lounging area with a festive wreath and for a cohesive look, add a matching garland across the length of the table as a centerpiece.

  1. Foyer

Bring cheer to this high-traffic space with a display of vibrant artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands. Hang a wreath on the inside of the front door, over your coat hanger, or along the wall. Use a coordinating garland to line the staircase handrail or drape it along the balusters.

  1. Living Room

The living room is the showroom of any home, which makes it the perfect spot to display your artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands. Create a lovely setup on a console table or a center table with other holiday décor such as snow globes, candles, lanterns, and miniature Christmas villages.

  1. Dining Room

The dining room is another popular area to decorate with artificial wreaths and garlands. Use a lifelike Balsam Hill garland across your table for a lively centerpiece that will last all season and beyond. Choose coordinating wreaths and garlands for your buffet table, bar cart, or dessert station. For special occasions, hang small wreaths on the back of chairs and make your guests feel extra special by adding their name card on each.

These are only some of the many ways that you can use your Balsam Hill wreaths and garlands to create charming holiday displays throughout your home. Browse our wide selection of year-round artificial wreaths and garlands and find pieces that will complement your style and space.

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