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8 - 9 ft Artificial Christmas Trees

Make a big impression with an 8- or 9-ft artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. A tree of this height is a magnificent addition to rooms with higher-than-average ceilings. It is ideal for two-story living rooms, entryways, or indoor spaces with vaulted ceilings. We have a wide selection of tall trees to suit your available space and decorating style.

How Much Does a 9-ft Christmas Tree Weigh?

The weight of our artificial trees varies depending on their shape, size, needle type, and extra features. For example, a standard 9-ft LED Christmas tree can weigh from 60 to 110 pounds or more. The wider the tree diameter and the more realistic the foliage, the heavier the tree tends to be. Pre-lit models will also weigh more than unlit ones due to the addition of light strings.

If you're concerned about assembly, consider Balsam Hill's exclusive Flip Trees®. These innovative trees reduce the time and effort needed to set up your display. They feature a rolling metal stand, so you won't need to do much lifting. All you need to do is lock the wheels in place, flip the base upright, and attach the top section/s of the tree. Pre-lit Flip Trees also come with our Easy Plug® technology, where light strands are connected within the trunk. To learn more about our Flip Trees, read our guide.

Where Should I Place My Christmas Tree?

Choose a location where your tall Christmas tree will be visible from multiple angles. Here are some areas to showcase your artificial Christmas tree:

  • Foyer

    Welcome guests with a beautiful Christmas tree that's visible right when they enter your home. Our 9-ft pre-lit slim Christmas tree decorated with themed ornament sets would make a spectacular centerpiece for your foyer or entrance hall. An 8-ft Christmas tree would look fantastic placed next to your entryway console table or by the corner of your staircase landing.

  • Living room

    There is no better place to display a large Christmas tree than the room where everyone gathers to open gifts. Choose an 8-ft artificial Christmas tree - or taller - to take the centerstage and let the lights create a more festive ambience.

  • By the windows

    Homes with high ceilings and wide windows allow plenty of light to emphasize the natural silhouette of your tree. Place an 8- or 9-ft slim Christmas tree beside a window to allow space for presents without having to rearrange too much of your furniture.

How Do I Store a 9-ft Artificial Christmas Tree?

Keep your artificial Christmas tree in good condition after the holidays with our durable storage bags. Each Balsam Hill tree comes with standard bags to keep them safe. We also offer premium rolling Christmas tree storage bags that make it easier to transport your tree.

Before storing your tree, make sure to remove all your decorations and keep them in their own containers. Then, take down each section of your tree and place them in their respective bags. Finally, choose a cool, dry place to keep your tree during the off-season.

Complement your tree's majestic height with the lush profile of our classic full-shaped trees. If you're working with a limited space but still want the look of a traditional tree, choose a space-saving slim tree. We also offer various pre-lit trees for easy and convenient assembly. If you are looking for an 8-ft pre-lit Christmas tree, our best-selling BH Balsam Fir Christmas tree is sure to become the star of your living room.

Browse the Balsam Hill website to learn more about our range of artificial Christmas trees and holiday decorations. For more guides and tips on Christmas trees, greenery, and seasonal decor, visit our Resource Center.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a 9-foot Christmas tree too big?

A 9-foot Christmas tree can be considered tall and may require a higher ceiling height and ample floor space. We recommend 9-ft Christmas trees for 10 to 14-foot ceilings.

What are the benefits of 8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees?

8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees offer a variety of benefits, including realism, convenience, and durability. They're easy to set up and take down, and they're also more cost-effective since you can use them for many years.

How long do 8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees last?

High-quality 8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees can last for many years if used and stored properly.

Are 8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees easy to set up?

Yes, 8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees are easy to set up. Many Balsam Hill models come pre-lit so all you have to do is plug them in to turn on the lights.

Are 8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees more affordable than real trees?

8-9 ft artificial Christmas trees are more cost-effective than real trees. They may cost more upfront, but they don't require maintenance or disposal at the end of the holiday season unlike real trees.

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