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5 - 7 ft Christmas Garlands

Welcome guests with the festive sight of a 6-foot pre-lit garland. These foliage pieces are best displayed on doors and along window frames. Balsam Hill’s realistic faux greeneries let you make a memorable first impression.

Can garlands be used year-round?

What started as Christmas decorations now elevate home décor, regardless of the season. Garlands were historically used to adorn deities. Now, they continue to beautify homes with signature green foliage and fascinating blooms. Welcome the changing of the seasons with Balsam Hill’s lifelike garlands for spring and autumn. Put up Christmas garlands once winter arrives.

Where can I put garlands?

Garlands are typically draped over entryways together with a wreath on the door. Nowadays, these faux greeneries also adorn different corners of a home:

  • Entryways

    Elevate a high-traffic area of your home by strategically placing garlands on entryways. Enhance the inviting atmosphere by adding embellishments like ribbons and berry picks.

  • Staircase

    Add a dramatic touch to your staircase by layering two or more garlands. Choose assorted designs to put a spotlight on your creativity and unique taste.

  • Mantels

    Garlands and wreaths are a match made in heaven. Complete the look of your mantel by draping a 6-foot garland over it. Make sure it complements your decorated Christmas wreath.

  • Dining room

    Line the dining table with one or two 7-foot garlands. A draping centerpiece lends elegance to your tablescape. To complement it with an artisan touch, use cuttings from a spruce or fir tree as place setting accents.

  • Bedroom

    Invite the calming energy of nature into your bedroom. Adorn your bedframe with a floral garland. Look for one with accents in the same color as your sheets and pillows for a polished look.

How do I decorate garlands?

Enhance the look of your garlands by adding statement pieces that match the theme of your home décor. Whether you’re preparing for Christmas or Easter, there are many ways to transform your faux greeneries:

  • Wrapped with ribbons

    Textured ribbons with wires, which are easy to layer and adjust, work best with garlands. To wrap the entire faux greenery in ribbons, prepare at least twice the length of the garland.

  • With decorative picks

    Nature-themed picks like pinecones, berries, and flowers make great accents for artificial greeneries. Incorporate ones that are like your tree decorations. This way, guests see something to look forward to as they admire your home display.

  • Decked in ornaments

    Link the theme of your Christmas tree to that of your garland. Save some pieces from your ornament collection and add them to your greenery. Take a step further and add ornaments to your Christmas wreath as well.

  • Extra sparkle

    Sprinkle glitter all over your garlands to give them that extra shine. Glitters also add depth to your décor. They're a perfect finishing touch if your holiday theme features metallic accents.

  • Twinkling with lights

    Add lights to a garland and give the space you’re displaying it in a warm and cozy glow. If you want to do away with stringing Christmas string lights around your decorative greeneries, consider Balsam Hill’s pre-lit artificial garlands.

How do I calculate how much garland I need?

The measurements and size of your garlands is just as important as decorating it. Use a measuring tape or yarn to measure the ideal length of your garland. For flat surfaces like standard doors and mantels, you can use a 5 ft Christmas garland. Make sure to leave 2 feet on each end to hang off the edge.

For larger spaces like a fireplace or wide doors, a 6 ft Christmas garland is usually the best choice. If you’re planning to wrap garlands around the door frame, measure the height. Make sure to get twice as much length of foliage as that measurement. If you want to decorate your high-ceiling walls, prepare multiple 7ft Christmas garlands.

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