Faux flowers bring the charm of natural blooms to your home in any season. These never wilt or dry, making them a practical alternative to real flowers. To keep them fresh and bright, it’s important to clean them properly. Enjoy their beauty for years with this guide on how to care for artificial florals.

How To Care For Faux Flowers

Close-up of Balsam Hill’s Provencal Lavender Foliage


Step 1|Fluff flowers upon unboxing

When you receive your artificial flowers, you’ll notice that they’re compressed for shipping. Carefully fluff the petals and leaves to create a fuller look. For tips on how to shape your artificial foliage, visit our guide here.

Step 2|Check if they’re safe for outdoors

Some artificial flowers are only for indoor or covered outdoor use. Before displaying them outside, check if they’re marked “Outdoor Safe”. These florals are specially crafted with UV protection to prevent sun damage and fading.

Step 3|Protect them from the elements

Avoid exposing your artificial flowers to direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. To minimize dust and fading, display them under a form of shade such as a canopy, archway, or pergola. We recommend outdoor display for up to three months per year to keep their colors vibrant and prevent white flowers from turning yellow.

Learn everything you need to know when buying artificial flowers through our detailed guide here.

Insider’s Tip

Avoid using sprays or protectants on your artificial flowers as these may invalidate the product warranty.

How To Clean Artificial Flowers

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Step 1|Set a schedule for cleaning

We recommend that you dust your faux flowers weekly or biweekly to keep dirt from building up. The frequency of cleaning varies based on your location and weather conditions.

Step 2|Use a soft, dry cloth or fabric duster

The best way to clean and freshen up artificial flowers is by gently wiping them with a microfiber cloth. You may also use a fabric duster as an alternative.

Step 3|Use a soft-bristle paintbrush for topiaries

To avoid spreading dust inside your home, clean topiaries outdoors. Start brushing surfaces from the top to remove any dirt. If your plants are pre-lit, take care not to tug on or remove the light strings.

Step 4|Avoid water or chemicals

Do not wash your flowers or apply chemicals such as silk flower cleaning sprays or artificial plant cleaners. Using these may damage your faux flowers or dissolve binding agents that hold the components together.

Step 4|Clean the water illusion

Some flower arrangements come with an acrylic water illusion. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the flowers and stems first, then wipe the acrylic surface. Wrap the microfiber cloth around a narrow rod, like a pencil or chopstick, to reach small spots.

How To Store Artificial Flowers

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Proper storage helps keep your artificial flowers clean and in the best shape. Here are tips to preserve their beauty and realism for years.

Step 1|Choose your storage area

Keep them away from direct heat and light, such as a closet or attic. You may also hang floral wreaths and garlands on a door or inside your wardrobe.

Step 2|Clean before storing

Make sure to clean artificial flowers following the cleaning tips mentioned above. If you used the item outdoors, air it out and dry thoroughly prior to storing.

Step 3|Use a durable storage container

Keep your florals in shape with padded storage bags or airtight plastic containers. For oversized items, use a large plastic bag or cloth cover bag to keep dust from accumulating.

Step 4|Space items properly when packing

Allow enough breathing room between arrangements. When necessary, use separate containers for each piece to protect their shape.

Insider’s Tip

Invest in high quality WREATH AND GARLAND STORAGE BAGS to protect your artificial florals during the off-season. These bags are specially crafted to preserve the form and beauty of your décor.

We hope this gave you helpful tips on how to care for, clean, and store your artificial flowers. For questions on your product, please contact our Customer Service Team.



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