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Surround yourself with lovely blooms in every way possible on your special day. For most modern brides, using artificial wedding flowers is key to having picture-perfect decorations from the pre-nuptials to the reception. Here's a guide on how to best use permanent blooms on your wedding day and beyond.

Choosing Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding

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When choosing fabric flowers as wedding decorations, it's ideal to consider the following things before purchasing them.


Choose flowers that are made of high-quality materials, such as polyester. Not only do they have a similar texture to real flowers, but they're also more durable to withstand activity that happens from wedding to reception setups

Safe for Outdoor Display

For outdoor weddings, make sure to use florals that are appropriate for the location. Balsam Hill's outdoor-safe artificial flowers are crafted with a UV protective coating, making them resistant to certain levels of sun damage.


Deciding on where and how you want to use flowers will help you come up with a list of the types of flowers you'll need. Think wreaths and hanging baskets for backdrops, flower arrangements or garlands for centerpieces, and potted foliage for decorative accents.


Artificial florals make a good investment since they last even after the wedding ceremony. Brides can also choose to order permanent blooms months ahead to spread out wedding costs and still get fresh-looking flowers on the day of the nuptials.

Where to Best Use Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding


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Centerpieces are considered key decorative features in weddings because guests see them up close throughout the reception. Not to mention that they will also be included in photos of and around the table. Incorporate soft details into your venue with silk flower wedding table centerpieces. Place a pre-made flower arrangement in the middle of the dining table and add personal touches to make it more special. Think fairy string lights, ribbons, and candles as accessories. Or, intertwine garlands and drape them along the length of the table to symbolize your long union as a couple.


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Artificial flowers for a wedding backdrop elevate your ceremony or reception setup. It also creates a frame-like effect in photos. Have guests take pictures under artificial hanging flowers with wedding wreaths and garland trimmings. Or, create a flower wall with oversized blooms. Make a memorable entrance as a married couple by arriving at the reception through a floral curtain or arch. Consider cascading fairy lights and lanterns, so guests can take romantic photos even at night.

Decorative Accents

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Flower accents help enhance your overall wedding setup while making each corner a perfect photo opportunity for guests. Add thoughtful finishing touches by hanging wreaths to the back of chairs. Use large silk flower arrangements for your wedding ceremony as you make your bridal entrance. Attach blossoms to your veil or coat the aisle with petals for a delicate effect. For a contemporary look, create a flower canopy made with wildflowers suspended over the dancefloor. Elevate your wedding decorations with perfectly manicured topiaries and potted foliage.

Keepsakes for Guests

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Artificial flowers don't attract bees, nor do they contain pollen, giving guests the freedom to take them home safely. You can also incorporate flowers into your wedding favors. Tie a ribbon around souvenir bottles of wine and add foliage trimmings for decoration. Alternatively, drop a few trimmings inside gift bags to delight your guests.

Insider’s Tip

For a unique multisensory experience, complement your floral wedding décor with Balsam Hill's Spring Scents of the Season.

Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers for Wedding Décor

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From centerpieces to decorative accents, high-quality blooms help accentuate your décor with less maintenance than real ones. Here are more ways for artificial wedding flowers to add value to your special day.


Artificial floral décor does not wilt hours into the celebration—even after packing, storing, and moving from one venue to the next. Simply fluff the foliage upon unboxing, and they'll be as good as new.

Timeless Memories

Artificial flowers make lasting mementos of an occasion associated with them. Unlike real ones that need special care, permanent blooms will stay beautiful with minimal upkeep. Brides can also pass down floral pieces from one generation to another as their "something borrowed."


Artificial flowers allow you to style unique displays without the limitation of seasonality. Also, you can order bulk in advance. This can help you better visualize your design and make some adjustments without the added expense of making last-minute replacements.


With artificial flowers, you can easily create a cohesive look. Whether you go for a monochromatic or complementing palette, you are sure to find blooms that will match your motif, regardless of the season.

Balsam Hill's artificial florals for weddings are made with the same passion and attention to detail that we put in our lifelike Christmas trees. Choose among our assortment of artificial wedding flowers for your celebrations, family, and guests.


Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Flowers for Weddings

Where to Buy Artificial Flowers for Weddings

Purchase Balsam Hill's premium artificial flowers directly from the website. Enjoy free shipping on all orders to the contiguous US.

Can You Use Artificial Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces?

Balsam Hill's pre-made artificial flower arrangements are either set in a pot, vase, or basket. They can be easily used to decorate your guests' tables. Alternatively, drape a floral garland along the length of the table or use a wreath in place of potted foliage.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Artificial Flowers for a Wedding?

Artificial florals make a good investment since they last even after the wedding ceremony. Brides can also choose to order permanent blooms months ahead to spread out wedding costs. Aside from decorations, they can also be used as precious mementos for guests.

Do Artificial Flowers Photograph Well?

High-quality florals translate well in photographs since they are made with premium materials. Balsam Hill's wedding flowers are crafted with polyester fabric, which resembles the texture and shine of their natural counterparts. Each décor also features flowers in different stages of bloom for a more organic look. Learn more about how our artificial florals fare with real ones here.

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