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Assembly, Use and Care

When you unbox your new Balsam Hill Christmas tree, you will notice that each section of branches has been compressed for shipping purposes. To make the tree look as full as possible, you will need to shape, or “fluff,” its branches. Fluffing a typical 7.5’ tree with a bit of help from friends and family may take a couple of hours the first time, but the results are well worth the care and effort.

Watch this video on how to shape a Christmas tree, and be sure to fluff all of the branches on the tree accordingly.

Shaping Tips

  • Shape your tree with family or friends.
  • Wear the included shaping gloves to protect your hands.
  • Consult the product photo of the tree during fluffing. Some trees are designed to have “upswept” or “downswept” branches, which you can recreate by angling the tips upward or downward.
  • If you purchased a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights so that you can fix unlit bulbs with the included bulb replacement kit.

The tree always takes the longest to shape the first time you take it out of the box. After a tree has been fluffed once, it will require minimal shaping in subsequent years.

Shaping each branch

  • Step 1   |   Fan out the Tips

    At the back of the branch, move each tip straight up or to the side so that these inner tips resemble a peacock’s fanned tail. Make sure each tip is offset from the one before it to hide the tree trunk.

  • Step 2   |   Pull out Side Branches

    As you move toward the front of the branch, separate the sprigs that shoot off from the main stem. Note that not all branches have these side branches.

  • Step 3   |   Spread the Tips

    Continue spreading each tip until the layers of foliage look like those on a real tree.

Shaping the Tree

  • Step 1   |   Shape by Layer

    Starting at the bottom of the tree, work your way up by layers and sections to ensure every branch has been shaped.

  • Step 2   |   Shape the Top Section

    For 7’ trees or taller, shape the top section before placing it on the tree to avoid having to fluff while standing on a ladder.

  • Step 3   |   Check your Work

    Step back from time to time to see what parts of the tree may need more shaping, and to make sure the lights on a pre-lit tree are dispersed to your liking.

Enjoy your beautifully shaped Balsam Hill Christmas tree!

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