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Balsam Hill engages in a variety of community activities
that help strengthen families and support those in need.

Tis the Other Season, Balsam Hill Gives Back

For our annual Christmas in July campaign, we are featuring four charities on our Facebook page and are inviting readers to donate to their causes. From July 2-31, readers can like, react, comment, and share on our charity campaign posts. Each like, love, and wow is worth $0.50, while a comment and share are worth $1 each. On July 31, readers will have one more chance to donate by simply commenting the name of their charity of choice on a special post for another $1 contribution. At the end of the campaign, Balsam Hill will tally all engagements to determine the total amount raised for each charity, then match each cent with a corresponding donation.

All donations will benefit these charitable organizations:

Feed the Children

Feed the Children exists to defeat childhood hunger and is one of the largest US-based charities that serves those in need in the US and in 10 countries around the world. Through their partnerships and programs, in fiscal year 2017 Feed the Children’s outreach benefited approximately 6.4 million children and families globally. Since their inception in 1979, their mission has been to provide hope and resources for those without life’s essentials. This mission can only be fulfilled by dedicated partners, donors, and volunteers working together. Feed the Children believes that a future without hungry children is possible, and collaboration is the only way to end childhood hunger.

Junior Achievement of Idaho

Junior Achievement of Idaho's purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Junior Achievement maintains an active vision on how the organization can have a positive impact on the lives of more students while being guided by these core values:

  • Belief in the boundless potential of young people;
  • Commitment to the principles of market-based economics and entrepreneurship;
  • Passion for what they do and honesty, integrity, and excellence in how they do it;
  • Respect for the talents, creativity, perspectives, and backgrounds of all individuals;
  • Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration; and
  • Conviction in the education and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on learning.

Point Hope

Point Hope's mission is to raise awareness and champion the cause of forgotten children. They believe that greatness can be found in service. People who aspire to be truly great are those who are serve the most vulnerable and who are helpers of humanity. The organization’s aim is to be the voice for forgotten children and their families in USA and in Africa. They work with volunteers, ambassadors, and donors to help restore hope, provide purpose, and save lives in marginalized communities.

Team Music is Love

Through her Team Music is Love charity initiative, singer-songwriter Martina McBride invites fans to join her in making the world a better place. The organization’s initiatives have included a breast cancer research grant at Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, Tennessee, and a therapeutic music program for orphaned children at Covenant House in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Martina also used her Love Unleashed concert tour as an opportunity to spread love and feed those in need by partnering with food banks to hold mass food drops in many of the cities on the tour. Through Team Music is Love, people from around the nation and the world have joined Martina’s global charity movement.

To join our charity event, visit our Facebook page. Together we can help raise awareness and support those who need it most.

A Charitable Christmas in July

In July of 2017, Balsam Hill partnered with four charities to help raise funds for different causes. For every engagement on campaign related social media posts, Balsam Hill matched with a corresponding donation. We were able to raise a combined $5,348.50 for the following participating charities: Show more

Festival of Trees 2016

Last year, Balsam Hill participated as a Distinguished Benefactor for the ST. ALPHONSUS' FESTIVAL OF TREES donating over 50 premium artificial trees for use throughout the Festival. Balsam Hill also decorated a tree to be donated directly to the St. Alphonsus NICU, in the hopes of brightening the holidays for families with children undergoing care and treatment.



Last July, Balsam Hill partnered with Operation Smile to help raise funds for children born with cleft lips and pallets all around the world. For every comment on the campaign's facebook post, Balsam Hill donated $5. For every share and like, Balsam Hill donated an additional $1. Thanks to all the participants, we were able to raise $3,365 over the course of July.


The Season of giving 2015

From November 16, 2015, through December 25, 2015, Balsam Hill is partnering with 4 charities as part of the season of giving. We will match 100% of donations up to $2,000, and 10% of any donations after that. For every $25 donation, we will send the donor a surprise Christmas ornament. Show more

Amount raised through 2015 with match.

Christmas in July 2015

It's July once again and although Christmas is still a few months away, the spirit of giving is in the air. For the second consecutive year, we are organizing a Christmas in July Charity Program as part of our continuing effort to raise funds for charitable institutions.

Balsam Hill will match 100% of donations up to the first $1,000 raised for each charity, and then 10% of each subsequent amount. Readers can donate to their favorite charity via a dedicated Indiegogo page. As a token of gratitude, for each $50 contribution, donors will receive a mystery Christmas ornament from Balsam Hill. Show more

$20,960 RAISED
Amount raised through July 2015


For many working families in the Bay Area, the rising cost of living can make the holidays a bittersweet time of year. Balsam Hill is happy to have been able to help those families by volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank in San Carlos, where the team spent half a day sorting and packaging food that will go directly to those in need. To continue supporting the Food for Bay Area Families Drive, the Balsam Hill Showroom in Burlingame is also a collection station for food donations.

Through volunteers and partner organizations, the Second Harvest Food Bank is able to provide over a million pounds of food per week for Bay Area residents. To find out more about how you can help your local food bank, visit the SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK WEBSITE.

Balsam Hill team volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank

The Season of Giving

Christmas is once again around the corner; it's almost time to gather around the Christmas tree with your family. Please join us this holiday season by donating to a very important cause, and Balsam Hill will match 100% of your donation, up to $10,000 and 10% on anything exceeding $10,000. By clicking on the donate button of the charity below, you will be taken to an IndieGoGo page where you will be able to pledge whatever amount you can. For every $10 donated, the donor will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of 3 prizes: The Grand Prize is a full Christmas decorating set, including an Artificial Christmas tree, 3 ornament sets, a tree topper and tree skirt. The #2 Prize is a $500 gift card to Balsam Hill. The #3 Prize is a $250 gift card to Balsam Hill. The winners may request Balsam Hill to donate the value of their prize to a charity instead of claiming the prize. Please make your donations before the campaign's end on the 15th of December. Show more

$20,340 RAISED
Amount raised through Christmas 2014

Christmas in July 2014

Christmas is the holiday of giving, and July is the perfect reminder that Christmas is only half a year away, and it's time to start giving. This year, Balsam Hill partnered with 10 bloggers, through July 31st, to help raise awareness and funds for charities. Each blogger ran a fundraising event for the charity of her choice on her own blog as well as a dedicated Indiegogo page, while Balsam Hill matched 100% of all donations, up to $1000 per charity. Show more

$8,784 RAISED


On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines leaving a wake of devastation in its path, displacing over 500,000, and leaving thousands dead. Our hearts go out to all the victims of this catastrophic storm. For Balsam Hill, Typhoon Yolanda struck particularly close to home not just because of its magnitude, but because many of our team members live in the Philippines and were impacted by the storm either directly or indirectly. In the aftermath of the storm, Balsam Hill dispatched a team from the United States to join our team in the Philippines and coordinate relief efforts.

With all the media attention on cities like Tacloban, it was the smaller villages like Hernani that were most in need of aid. These villages were just as devastated, but were not as visible to the international community. Within days, the Balsam Hill team put together 1900 lbs. of emergency supplies. Working with local community members in Cebu and Guiuan, team members escorted the aid packages all the way from Manila to Hernani, and were able to provide some relief to this community by ensuring these supplies reached families that were most in need.

Almost a year on from Typhoon Yolanda, Balsam Hill continues to partner with local entities to help the local communities rebuild what they have lost. Balsam Hill hopes that you will join us in support of the relief and rebuilding effort in the Philippines. If you are looking for a charity to which you may donate funds, we recommend: HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/NVCFOUNDATION.