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Popular Artificial Flowers and Greenery

Brighten up your indoor and outdoor spaces with popular artificial flowers set in vibrant spring arrangements. Usher in the season of new beginnings with the latest selection of premium artificial flowers and foliage from Balsam Hill.

What Flowers are on Trend?

While all fresh blossoms are a welcome sight after winter, some blooms simply scream spring. Over time, these popular flower types have come to symbolize hopeful springtime's and idyllic summers. As these varieties are often in season from March to May, fresh blooms are often easy to come by. However, maintaining fresh flowers in the home throughout the season can be costly. Artificial floral decor looks just as beautiful, but is much more easy to display.

Like our trademark realistic artificial Christmas trees, Balsam Hill creates the most lifelike artificial flowers and foliage for spring. We’ve taken inspiration from the most popular flowers and committed ourselves into getting every little detail perfectly, from shaping the petals to hand-painting them just right. This results in the most picturesque real-looking spring flower arrangements, wreaths, and garlands you’ll be proud to display from spring to the next.

Here are some of the most popular spring flowers year after year. Choose your Balsam Hill wreath, garland, or flower arrangement featuring one or several of these popular flowers for a trendy display.


Peonies feature delicately ruffled petals in a variety of colors. Over time, they have come to symbolize love, prosperity, beauty, and happiness. Welcome guests with these sentiments by displaying Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Radiant Peony Artificial Foliage. It features a gorgeous splash of bright pink and orange blooms nestled amongst realistic ivy and boxwood.


Wildflowers evoke visions of the countryside in full spring bloom. Their bright colors bring instant warmth to any space. Display our Outdoor Meadow Artificial Foliage on your doors, windows, and entryways to bring the true feel of springtime into your home.


Daisies are the quintessential spring flower. They often represent innocence and new beginnings. The daisy is also the birth flower for spring babies born in April. While the kind with white petals and yellow centers are a classic, daisies come in a wide variety of vivid colors. Showcase the full splendor of spring with Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Vibrant Summer Bloom, which features daisies mixed with other popular spring blooms in a rustic arrangement.


Give your home that farmhouse feel with lavender blooms. It remains one of the most popular flowers for spring, especially when trying to capture the rustic look of the European countryside. Its muted light purple hue offers a more understated alternative to the more vivid colors of other spring floral arrangements. Consider our Provencal Lavender Foliage for a classy arrangement you can display in your kitchen or porch.

What are the Latest Trends in Flower Arrangement?

Flower experts are seeing a trend towards a more sustainable way of flower arranging and display. Dried or artificial flowers last much longer but are just as impactful as their natural counterparts. Choose quality artificial flower arrangements you can display without worrying about wilting or weathering season after season.

Create a coordinated look throughout your home regardless of theme or style. Use the same palette, flower varieties, and decorative elements when displaying arrangements in your indoor and outdoor spaces. Echo your porch’s flower wreath and garland foliage with coordinating hanging baskets or window boxes. Balsam Hill offers complete sets of artificial spring blooms and greenery to make decorating a breeze.

Celebrate the warmth and vibrancy of the season with spring arrangements and foliage from Balsam Hill. To learn more about our blooms, visit our Artificial Flowers Guide. For more decor inspiration, check out our Spring Catalog.