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Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

Set the scene for a picture-perfect holiday with Balsam Hill's selection of realistic artificial Christmas trees. Crafted using the latest in Christmas tree technology, these faux trees bring nature's breathtaking beauty into your home.

What are Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees Made of?

Most artificial trees feature a combination of PVC and PE needles - the more lifelike the tree, the higher the PE count. Many of Balsam Hill Christmas trees are designed after real tree species. Our exclusive True Needle® technology uses injection-molded polyethylene (PE) needles to mimic the structure, texture, and color variations of natural evergreens. Compared to PVC needles that are flat and papery, PE needles have more dimension.

Balsam Hill Christmas trees are categorized into three levels of realism:

  • Most Realistic - Has more than 65% True Needle (PE) foliage for outstanding realism, with Classic Needles (PVC) near the trunk for added fullness
  • Realistic - Up to 65% True Needle (PE) foliage mixed with Classic Needle (PVC) for a great balance between realism and budget
  • Traditional - Our most cost-effective trees with 100% Classic Needle (PVC) foliage

Who Has the Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees?

Balsam Hill offers the most realistic artificial Christmas trees on the market. Using our innovative True Needle technology, we make casts of real branches to copy them down to the needle in this manufacturing technique. From the cast, we construct injection molds which are filled with polyurethane and dyed with various pigments. This results in the most real-looking artificial Christmas trees. Beyond the color variation of individual needles, the branches also have lifelike pigments. To achieve the fullness of real trees, we use high-quality classic PVC needles to supplement the True Needle branches.

Are Balsam Hill Christmas Trees Worth It?

Balsam Hill trees are worth it because you're investing in a premium artificial Christmas tree that will last for many seasons. Aside from the stunning realism of our trees, we also offer the following:

  • Quick and Easy Set-Up

Experience hassle-free assembly with innovative easy set-up technologies. Our Flip Trees® come with a sturdy rolling tree stand to eliminate the need for heavy lifting. All you need to do is turn the base of the tree, flip it into place, and attach the tree top.

With our Easy Plug® technology, you are able to set your Christmas tree aglow within seconds. All light connections are incorporated in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as connecting a single plug into the wall socket. Meanwhile, our Pre-Fluffed® trees feature memory wire branches that fan out upon unboxing, cutting down the time it takes to shape your tree.

  • Variety of Sizes and Shapes

We offer realistic Christmas trees in a variety of heights to meet your decorating needs. Pick trees 6 feet or below to adorn narrow corners or serve as your second tree. Our 7 to 7.5-foot trees are a popular option since they fit rooms with standard ceiling heights.

Choose from our 8 to 9-foot trees if you have a higher-than-average ceiling. Create a dramatic display in large spaces or rooms with vaulted ceilings with 10 to 14-foot trees. We also have oversized trees ranging 15 feet and above for grand displays and commercial areas.

  • Assorted Lighting Options

Balsam Hill's realistic artificial Christmas trees are offered pre-lit for your convenience. Our pre-lit trees are professionally hand-strung to provide optimal coverage while reducing the appearance of wires. They are available in different lighting options to complement your chosen theme, whether you prefer incandescent or LED lights.

Our incandescent-lit trees feature premium commercial-grade lights so that your tree stays lit even if one bulb burns out or is removed. Candlelight + Clear LED trees bring you the warm, candle-like glow of traditional lights in energy-saving LEDs. For a festive ambience, opt for our Color + Clear™ LED technology. It lets you switch between clear lights, multicolored LEDs, or both using a remote control. If you wish to hang your own lights, we also have a selection of unlit Christmas trees for you to choose from.

Find the perfect Christmas tree for your holiday home. Shop the Balsam Hill website to get your ideal tree and other seasonal accents to complete your decorating set.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I look for when buying an artificial Christmas tree?

When buying an artificial Christmas tree, it is important to consider the following:

  • The tree’s realism
  • Quality construction
  • Durability
  • Easy set-up and storage features

How long will a realistic artificial Christmas tree last?

With proper care and storage, realistic trees can last up to 10 years or more.

Are realistic artificial Christmas trees safe?

Yes, realistic artificial Christmas trees are made from non-toxic and flame-retardant materials, making them safe for households.

What types of realistic artificial Christmas trees are available?

You can choose from a wide variety of realistic trees that range in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Browse Balsam Hill’s selection to see traditional evergreens to more modern designs.

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